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See This Movie

We saw a thought-provoking movie today at the Belcourt Theatre, FLOW (For Love of Water).

When I was a child, I was often taught that water would be the commodity that we would exhaust first, not oil. But that was the time before automobiles took over the world (or at least the United States). Most families just owned one car, which used gasoline inefficiently, but long before multi-car households, owning many cars using gasoline inefficiently.

FLOW examines the politics of water. We learned that when we sometimes get “stomach viruses,” a lot of times it’s due to pollutants in our water. I filter my water before I drink it, so I don’t suffer too often from “stomach viruses.”

Multinational corporations are taking over the water from governments in underdeveloped countries. Many of the people are too poor to buy the water from the corporations and wind up drinking polluted water from streams and rivers.

Bottled water just isn’t bad because of the plastic containers it generates. Companies as Coca-Cola and Nestle are using up all the water in an area just to bottle and sell it. Now I have another reason not to purchase bottled water. It’s just bad for planet Earth.

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