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Hazardous Waste Collection Day

Saturday, November 1, 9 a.m. until 1 p.m.

Metro Nashville Public Works will be accepting residential waste (including small household batteries, compact flourescent bulbs, fluorescent tubes, cell phones, mercury thermometers and unused and out of date medications at the recycling drop off sites at:

Hillsboro High Schol

Bellevue at the MTA Park and Ride

Dupont Hadley Middle School

Joelton Middle School

Elysian Fields Korger

We will be located at the Bellevue location. Because we are accepting prescription medicines, Metro Police will be on the location. I plan to take the above prescription pills, since I no longer take them. If you bring in an old mercury thermometer, you will receive a digital thermometer. What a deal!

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Clean Up Bellevue Day This Saturday

The Bellevue Exchange Club will be sponsoring a clean up this Saturday, November 1 from 8 a.m. until noon. Some of the items accepted at the Bellevue Center campus will be large items, fluorescent tubes, CFL bulbs, household batteries and cell phones. There will be a shredder for confidential papers, and a Goodwill truck for useable items.

Volunteers will assemble for roadside clean up during the morning. The Bellevue Rotary Club, Bellevue Community Church and the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce are also assisting in the effort.

I will be participating and bringing some household batteries and fluorescent tubes for disposal.

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See This Movie

We saw a thought-provoking movie today at the Belcourt Theatre, FLOW (For Love of Water).

When I was a child, I was often taught that water would be the commodity that we would exhaust first, not oil. But that was the time before automobiles took over the world (or at least the United States). Most families just owned one car, which used gasoline inefficiently, but long before multi-car households, owning many cars using gasoline inefficiently.

FLOW examines the politics of water. We learned that when we sometimes get “stomach viruses,” a lot of times it’s due to pollutants in our water. I filter my water before I drink it, so I don’t suffer too often from “stomach viruses.”

Multinational corporations are taking over the water from governments in underdeveloped countries. Many of the people are too poor to buy the water from the corporations and wind up drinking polluted water from streams and rivers.

Bottled water just isn’t bad because of the plastic containers it generates. Companies as Coca-Cola and Nestle are using up all the water in an area just to bottle and sell it. Now I have another reason not to purchase bottled water. It’s just bad for planet Earth.

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Bellevue Curbside Recycling

Today was a sign up day for curbside recycling for those of us who don’t have it in zip code 37221. While I encourage folks to sign up, there is a $10 monthly fee. We decided that we would continue to take our recyclables to the drop off center, as we take our recyclables when we are on our way somewhere else.

A minimum of 1000 homes have to sign up before the program will start in the area. If you want to take part in curbside recycling, contact Metro Public Works Residential Recycling.

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Mushrooms in Edwin Warner Park

We saw some giant puffball mushrooms in Edwin Warner Park this afternoon. They were the size of bowling bowls or pumpkins. I’ve never seen mushrooms this large in my life. The mushrooms were off the paths and in dark areas of the park. I had to photograph them from above through the brush, as I didn’t want to disturb them.

Today was a perfect fall day to be walking in the park. The temperature was in the 50s, and the sun was shining. Unfortunately, our fall colors aren’t very pretty this year because of the dry weather we’ve had.

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Neighborhood Flyers

Here’s the proper way to distribute your promotion in a subdivision. Contain it and hang it on the doorknobs. Otherwise, the piece flies everywhere in the neighborhood.

This bag of goodies (including gum and candy) included all the agent’s information neatly packaged. I ate the candy, recycled the paper materials inside and used the plastic bag for storage.

I never found any of these on the streets in the neighborhood.

Of course, I’m not a fan of plastic bags, but they can be used correctly and disposed of properly.

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Living on Borrowed Land

A neighbor approached me Sunday about why he no longer sees deer in his yard. According to him, when the privacy fence was constructed along the railroad tracks through the Riverwalk subdivision, deer were blocked from traveling to and from the river. Deer can jump over the picket fence along the property but can’t jump over the higher privacy fence.

He proposed that part of the privacy fence, not around houses, be removed. Then the deer could go back and forth to the river as they used to do. I suspect that the privacy fence was built for two reasons. One, as a barrier to railroad noises and two, to keep hoboes away from homeowners’ properties. I doubt the homeowners would agree to do this.

I know that I live on land formerly occupied by the American Indians. Often I feel guilty about that. My house is also on property that once housed a plantation with slaves. I’m glad that human slavery is no longer an issue in the United States. I also regret that I’m living on land that deer and other wildlife used.

Before the construction was completed, we had lots of wild blackberry plants in the area. I miss sampling the wild blackberries, and I’m sure the deer and rabbits also miss them.

I wish that the subdivisions of Boone Trace, Lexington Point and Riverwalk had been better constructed around the existing land. I wish that we were friendlier to wildlife.

While I hold a deed to the property around my hosue, I don’t really own it. I’m only borrowing it for a while.

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