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Ziploc Bags Can Be Recycled

Although I stopped using plastic sandwich bags, Ziploc has initiated a new recycling program. Click here for the details. Thanks to Ziploc for creating the program, but I’ll continue using wax paper or reusable containers. What’s wax paper? It’s a product that my mother used 50 years ago to wrap my sandwiches for school lunch.

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Building a Hotel from Trash

I saw this story on television, now it has made it to print. This trend of constructing buildings from trash should continue.

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Building Houses from Trash

I’ve always wondered if this could be done from the scraps I find on the roadside. And yes, a Texas builder is building homes from trash at very low prices. I love it.

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When Plastic is not Recyclable

What do you do with plastic bags that are not made of recyclable materials? Here are some suggestions from the morning newspaper (which is recyclable).

Of course, I read the news online.

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Balancing a Sustainable Life Style

Here is a great article from AlterNet about one person’s quest to be sustainable in our unsustainable world.

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Beware the Green Dragon

I don’t understand how protecting and respecting the environment is anti-Christian, but there is a new group who warns us of the Green Dragon as reported in The Tennessean this morning.

Oh, and there is a poll. I’m amazed at the results so far:

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