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When we saw this pile of trash, we were confused at the intent of the person who dumped it. Were they trying to start a compost pile with the grass clippings? I’m afraid that the discarded blinds in the top photo won’t disintegrate. We determined that the garbage was from a homeowner who had just moved into a new residence. Welcome to the neighborhood, Trash People!

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Decorating with Brand Name Trash

We decided to count how many items were discarded along the country road where we were walking, and after a half mile, there were too many to track. Instead we decided to add up which products were most represented. The winners were: McDonalds bags and wrappers and Coke and Budweiser cans and bottles. Both regular and light products were represented. Do consumers of these products litter more than others? Please feel free to email us your count, and we will award that company with the Trash Vendor Of the Year Award! Here are the culprits we found:

Diet Coke, Bud Light, “M” Purified Water, Deer Park Water, Pepsi, Sprite Zero, Publix Purified Water, Mello Yello, Bic Lighters, Canadian Mist, Citrus Drop, Marlboro Cigarettes, Dr. Pepper, Sky Vodka, McDonalds, Sunkist, Faygo Soft Drinks, Nestle, Wendy’s, Newport Cigarettes, Krystal, Miller Natural Lite, Doritos, Capri Sun, Sunkist, Coors, Fanta, Sundrop, Vienna Sausage. We wonder if certain brand names dictate that they will have more discarded trash than others?

Again, while you’re picking up litter along the road, email us your stats:

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Plastic Bottles

The story about the manufacturing of plastic bottles featured in Newsweek and mentioned below in our blog continues to bother me. To eliminate our dependency on petroleum products, we need to eliminate plastic drink bottles. Just drinking out of them, then recycling them isn’t enough.

I have a trunkload of plastic water bottles that I received “free” from Costco. After I drink the water and recycle them, I pledge to reduce my purchasing of water in plastic bottles as much as possible.

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Email Us Your Photo of Illegal Dumping

Environmentalists and fellow save the earth folks, if you see a pile of trash, please take a photo and send it to us at

We’ll post it here. Most of all, find out how to get it properly disposed of, do it, and we’ll post that here as well.

I’m happy to report that the giant hot tub has been moved. Thanks, Metro or whomever picked it up.

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The Government Dumps Its Sign

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Newsweek Article on Drinking Water

I read the article A Good Drink at the Sink in Newsweek this week. It’s an argument that some believe that tap water is just as good as bottled water. In some cases, it’s the same thing just filtered and marketed under a name. The article mentions something that I never thought about: that plastic water bottles are made from petroleum products. Ick! I’m trying to wean myself from petroleum products.

I drink filtered water at home and at work, but I’m guilty of purchasing bottled water away from home. I recycle the bottles once I’ve finished drinking the water. At least, I don’t throw them out the car window into the street. I was amazed recently on a walk how many water bottles I saw tossed in the grass. I expected cola and beer drinkers to do that, but I thought that water drinkers were above that.

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Was the Public Service for Littering?

As we were taking photos of the hot tub, I found this juvenile court order tossed on the other side of the road. The “punishment” was for 16 hours of public service. If the child was cited for littering, I hope that another 16 hours will be added. The names have been smeared to protect the not so innocent.

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The Juvenile Court Order


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Is it a Giant Fungus?

I was driving to work one morning and saw this sitting on the side of the road. At first, I thought that it was a giant orange fungus. Then maybe an alien spacecraft. It really frightened me with those “eyes.” Finally, I realized that it was a hot tub, trashed.


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This is not just another wordpress blog. It’s our war against those who litter our planet. For those in Tennessee, here’s a column in today’s The Tennessean that tells you what to do when you see someone throwing a cigarette butt or a cola can out of a car window.

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