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Fast Food is Everywhere and Going Nowhere

Fast food is disgusting. I never eat it any more and never will again. It tastes and smells bad. Plus fast food vendors create so much trash, which is tossed into the environment.

Fast food has individually packaged catsup packets. Or it it individual barbeque or honey mustard sauces.

Fast food has paper napkins, paper bags and wrappers. How many trees are sacrificed for fast food wrappings?

Do natural scavengers like possums and raccoons eat fast food? Probably, they eat garbage.

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Sonic: Another Fast Food Trash Supplier


Sonic drive-ins have a fair amount of fast food litter left on the sides of he roads we travel. We’re sure that Sonic restaurants have trash cans. Drop off the trash there, please. And tip the carhops. They deserve it.

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More Fast Food Trash

While China is reducing plastic bags, the U.S. continues to trash its roadways. Here are the trash producers in the fast food industry for today.


We particularly like the image in the middle with the Joe Muggs coffee and the cigarette butt. We didn’t know that the Joe Muggs had opened in Nashville West until we saw their garbage on the roadside, so we hurried over for a cup of Joe. The Joe Muggs in Atlanta has long been a favorite of ours when we visit.

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Fast Food Trash

We have more pictures of fast food packaging. Today, we spotlight Burger King and Dunkin’ Donuts.


Not much Burger King and Dunkin’ Donuts garbage was found on our walk. Their customers must be better stewards of the earth than Krystal or McDonalds, whose trash definitely leads the pack.

P.S. When we imbibed fast food, Burger King was our favorite. We quit eating Whoopers, before we quit eating meat, because of the large amount of mayonnaise on the sandwich. We’ll eat an occasional Dunkin’ Donut, if someone puts it in front of us. But we don’t litter.

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Fast Food Faction

I quit eating fast food years ago, when I gave my dog a McDonalds burger, and he refused to eat it. I thought that it would be a special treat for him Was I wrong! He finally ate it after sniffing and playing with the patty. I ate a McDonalds with him. We both had an unusual, but similar, body odor later in the day.

Almost three years ago we gave up meat (anything that walks: chicken, turkey, pork, beef, never ate lamb). We did it for health reasons, but we’ve learned since then, that commercialized meat production is bad for the environment and adds to global warming.

The waste created after a fast food meal is also bad for the environment. Recently, we’ve had an enormous amount of fast food packaging thrown along the road leading to our house. In less than an hour, I snapped over fifty images of fast food garbage dumped on the side of the road. We’ll be featuring this trash starting tonight with A as in Arby’s.



You can go here and ask Arby’s to pick up the litter in your community. I just did.

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