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Newsom Station Road Clean Up

There will be a clean up of Newsom Station Road on April 17, 2010. The neighborhoods of Boone Trace, Lexington Point and Riverwalk will participate in the clean up. Metro Beautification and Environment Commission will supply t-shirts, gloves and trash bags to all participants. The event is part of the Great American Clean Up, sponsored by Keep America Beautiful.

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Great American Clean Up

Today marks the beginning of the Great American Clean Up, an annual event sponsored by Keep America Beautiful. I’ve participated in the event for a few years now. While the event lasts from March 1-May 31, I believe every day should be the Great American Clean Up day.
My goal for 2010 is to keep Newsom Station Road clean. It’s very dirty right now. I am going to pick up trash there weekly. I’ll try to get my neighbors involved, too.

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Audit Your Taxes. Audit Your Trash

I read this interesting link provided by Keep America Beautiful about auditing your recyclables with Earth911.

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2009 Great American Clean Up Stats

Here are the stats for the 2009 Great American Clean Up sponsored by Keep America Beautiful:

During the spring and summer of 2009, more than 3 million volunteers toiled for 5.2 million hours with the nonprofit Keep America Beautiful during the 2009 Great American Cleanup. It was an astounding 30,000 events across 32,000 locations:

§ 64 million pounds of litter and debris were removed from public lands and rights-of-way, including 95,000 acres of parks and public lands, nearly 9,000 miles of rivers, lakes and shorelines, over 10,000 acres of wetlands, and 7,800 miles of hiking, biking and nature trails

§ 4,750 illegal dumpsites were remediated.

§ More than 243 million plastic (PET) bottles were collected for recycling, many through school-based programs

§ More than 6.9 million pounds of electronics were collected for recycling

§ Volunteers kept 14.5 million pounds of aluminum and steel out of landfills through their collection efforts

§ 870,000 tires were collected for recycling.

§ 36 million pounds of newspaper were collected for recycling.

§ 2.3 million flowers and bulbs were planted

What would happen if 3 million volunteers didn’t have the tools and motivation to make their hometown a better place? What if they didn’t spend 5.2 million volunteer hours, sweat, grit and elbow grease? Would our communities magically flourish with a cleaner environment, civic pride and enhanced natural beauty?

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Cigarette Litter Prevention Program

CigButts_1327Since becoming involved with Keep America Beautiful, I have started a Cigarette Litter Prevention Program in Hillsboro Village. Today, I did the preliminary scan walking from the post office on Acklen to 21st to Belcourt and back to the post office on Acklen. I counted 400 plus cigarette butts on the sidewalks. Most were in front of Fido’s and Jackson’s. Fido’s has a cigarette ash receptacle in front of their coffee shop, but it was overflowing.

When I initially walked the area two weeks ago, I noticed that the cigarette ash receptacle was full.

My next step will be to talk with the restaurant and bar owners in the village to see if they will distribute portable cigarette ashtrays.

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Spotlight on Nashville

Tomorrow is the big Keep America Beautiful spotlight on Nashville. The Great American Cleanup event will be happening at Bicentennial Mall rain or shine. It looks more like rain right now.

Be there. We will be.

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Great American Clean-up Event

lexpt_1432lexpt_1423lexpt_1424lexpt_1429lexpt_14351The homeowners of Lexington Point in Nashville, TN, USA, held a Keep America Beautiful Great American Clean-up today. Spotlights in the picnic area were cleaned after being painted red by someone. Plus trash was picked up around their homes. Thanks to Jennifer Ruben and Carolyn Anderson for making this a successful pick up. Cookies and lemonade were served afterwards.

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Great American Clean Up Starts Today

Today is the first day of Keep America Beautiful’s Great American Clean Up. Organize a clean up through your local KAB affiliate.

Or go pick up trash on your own. Better yet, resolve not to litter from March 1 until May 31. If no one littered, we would not have to clean up.

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Volunteer on May 14

The Metro Beautification Environment Commission needs groups of volunteers for the Great American Clean Up event in downtown Nashville on May 14. Here are the facts:

Thursday, May 14, 2009, 8 a.m – 4:00 p.m.

Be one of the 1,000 + volunteers coming to Nashville
from all 95 counties in the State of Tennessee

Participate in cleanup projects, beautification projects, litter pick up, waterway cleanups and more

The MBEC needs groups from all over Tennessee. Contact

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Celebrate What’s Right with the World

I was fortunate enough to attend a Keep Tennessee Beautiful seminar on Wednesday in Nashville. One of the presenters, Sue Smith of Keep America Beautiful, showed a beautiful film by National Geographic photographer Dewitt Jones called Celebrate What’s Right with the World. While the presentation was to inspire those of us working in the anti-litter movement, I found it inspiring for my personal life now, too. Here are some of the principles of Celebrate What’s Right in the World:

  • Believe it and you’ll see it.
  • Recognize abundance.
  • Look for possibilities.
  • Unleash your energy to fix what’s wrong.
  • Ride the changes.
  • Take yourself to the edge.
  • Be the best for the world.

My two favorites from above are ride the changes and be the best for the world. Under ride the changes, Jones’ comments to “learn to live with uncertainty, yet act with confidence.” That is my new mantra.

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