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How does landfill and litter affect our wildlife?

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January 30, 2009 65 views No Gravatar

As I’ve said on previous posts; we all have our reasons for attempting to reduce our rubbish. For us, it was a combination of things with wildlife, conservation and the environment playing a very important role in our decision to attempt a zero waste lifestyle.

I had chance this week to have a quick chat with Rosalind Cookson. She is Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust’s ‘Don’t waste wildlife‘ project manager.

I wanted to ask her about litter, the landfill and wildlife, as well as catch up with her particular passion which is composting.

MZW We’re at the end of zero waste week in Gloucestershire; what impact can landfill waste have on our wildlife?

RC Landfill takes up space that could otherwise be a wildlife habitat. It also gives off harmful emissions including methane and produces toxic slime called leachate which harms the environment for all of us.

MZW And what about litter – how can that effect wildlife?

RC Litter can be harmful to wildlife and people.  Broken bottles can injure and also small mammals can get stuck inside bottles, cans and other containers.
Animals and birds can get stuck in plastic bags. Wildlife can also eat litter by mistake which can cause death.

Thanks, Mrs. Green, for posting this interview about how we harm our wildlife. My husband and I are working on zero waste in the United States for our home.

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Great Fan Created Video for Keep America Beautiful

I love this fan-made spot for Keep America Beautiful:

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Magazines are History

magazines_1345While I have always been a loyal subscriber to newspapers and magazines, my lifestyle has been changing for the past two years.

Last year, I dropped my daily local newspaper and Wall Street Journal subscriptions. Although I had read newspapers my entire adult life, I was challenged by a reader of my blog, The Earth Is Not a Trash Can, to unsubscribe to lessen the amount of paper I recycled each week. I survived and adapted by reading the local newspaper on line each day. My trips to the recycling drop-off center were cut in half. This became an added benefit during the year marked by rising fuel prices and gas shortages.

This year, in this economic downturn that seems to get worse each week, I am giving up subscribing to magazines, another life-long habit of mine. Plus for the past 11 years, I  worked for two magazine publishers, both of whom laid me off work due to poor ad sales. Hey, I was not even responsible for selling ads.

Is it my way of protesting my lay offs to stop re-subscribing to magazines, although I never subscribed to any of the magazines produced where I worked? No, although I am motivated to be more environmentally friendly, it is actually financial. Since I am unemployed, it is an easy, painless way to cut costs.

Next week, I will receive my last Newsweek. Although I have been tempted to renew in the past few weeks with reduced cost subscriptions, I am not re-subscribing with Newsweek because I do not think that they will be around this time next year. The death of the news weekly has been rumored for a while by industry wags.

Other magazines have been sending me low cost offers, too. Often my mailbox has been filled with these. But even $1 per issue for a monthly seems a high price to pay in this economy.

My withdrawal from printed magazines will not be abrupt. Before the latest layoff, I had renewed The Atlantic, and I noticed today that my subscription to More is good for another year. I think I got a buy one year, get one year free from that publisher.

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The Mini E

I have just been notified that Mini of Nashville is using Twitter to connect with its customers. Mini tweeted a link to YouTube about their new electric car:

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Recycling rate soars to 98 per cent after estate adopts green …

Mark Prigg and Benedict Moore-Bridger

A HOUSING estate in Fulham has one of the most improved recycling rates in the country.

The Clem Attlee Estate has adopted a series of green measures on a trial basis including recycling chutes and mini-recycling banks on each floor.

Today, figures reveal that after six months the estate has boosted participation in recycling to 98 per cent.

It is now hoped the scheme could be rolled out across the capital.

John Twitchen of Sauce, the environmental consultancy which ran the project, said: “Collecting recycled rubbish from high-rise blocks is difficult, so we wanted to try a few different ideas here, and see what works.

“We’ve been incredibly pleased with the results, and we are now very hopeful that this could form a blueprint for every high-rise block in London.”

This is a great idea for all the new high condominiums planned in the United States. Making it easy to recycle is the key.

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Update on 11th Hour Project

Or, as they stated “11th Hour News Flash:”

The newest piece from Climate Central, Iowa:  Corn and Climate, will air tonight on The NewsHour.with Jim Lehrer.  You will be able to find the video on Climate Central’s website after airtime, along with excellent supporting materials pulled together by their top-notch scientific staff.

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Here's An Advantage to Picking Up Roadside Litter

By Peter Ambrose

Story Published: Jan 26, 2009 at 9:44 AM EST

Story Updated: Jan 26, 2009 at 9:44 AM EST

MOUNT COMFORT, Ind. (AP) – Three Indiana state highway workers cleaning up litter alongside Interstate 70 just east of Indianapolis found about $100,000 in an abandoned tire.

State police suspect the cash – which photos show to be in denominations of $5 to $100 – may be drug money. Indiana State Police spokesman Mike Burns says a drug-sniffing dog found the scent of drugs on the cash.

Police say the workers found the tire Friday in a ditch near the Mount Comfort Road exit on I-70. When they picked it up, the tire fell apart, revealing the cash, and the workers called police.

I saw a recently dumped tire in my neighborhood. I need to pick it up.

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