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Chinese Trash Collector


Here is an interesting article from the Yangcheng Evening News. Maybe Red River Service Corporation should put wheels on this invention and follow their trash trucks around town. Great work, Rao Guangde!

Image courtesy of CHINADaily

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How to Recycle Anything

Prevention Magazine published this article on How to Recycle Anything.

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RR Waste Solutions: Not

This morning I was driving east on Charlotte Pike. Trash was raining down on the car in front of me and my car. When the car in front of me stopped, I saw a mechanical arm pick up a residential trash can and attempt to dump its contents into a white truck. Most of the garbage went into the truck, but several pieces flew through the air toward our cars. Intrigued by this inefficient method of emptying trash cans, I noticed the Red River Service Corporation on the side of the truck.


I copied this image off their home page and wrote a description of what I saw. And in the PlanetTrash tradition, I’ll contact them and Metro Nashville Public Works.

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Fun New Kids Car Game

If you’re on a short trip and don’t have the DVD player showing Shriek for the fifteen time in the minivan, have the children count how many plastic bags they find hanging from trees. This morning, while driving into work and listening to the Nano, I counted 27 plastic bags hanging from trees. That’s almost 2 plastic bags per mile.

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Thanks, Leslie Eats

Leslie Eats had some nice things to say about The Earth is Not a Trash Can today on

As I (Leslie Eats) mentioned before, I’m from Memphis. While I was growing up in the 70s and 80s, there was this organization (that’s still going strong) called Memphis City Beautiful that did lots of public outreach and education–particularly through schools–about litter. I specifically remember that calling someone a “litterbug” was right up there with “butthole” on the list of worst elementary school insults. But it seems that a lot of people just didn’t get the same message. I live on a corner where there’s a stop sign and pretty much have to pick up trash on a daily basis. What went wrong in these people’s lives that made them think it’s okay to throw your garbage out a window? I’m going to assume it’s just a matter of education rather than just willful disregard for our planet (and property owners).

Leslie, great comments about litterers! Litterbug=Butthole.

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Trash Left by Illegal Immigrants in Arizona

An estimated 10,000 pounds of water bottles, food containers and other waste were cleaned up and moved to the Rio Rico landfill, said Steve Owens, director of ADEQ.

This is a quotation from the Arizona Department of Environmental Equality about the litter left by illegal immigrants in the Green Valley News and Sun. This is another problem of illegal border crossing.

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Construction Trash


We live in an area undergoing lots of residential development. After removing all the top soil and bulldozing the trees, the construction companies leave behind trash. A neighbor once found a bag of concrete mix under a shrub that refused to grow. When our house was being built, we would find fast food litter in the air ducts or just tossed inside the house. For years, construction materials would work their way up through the poor soil in our yard.

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