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ReLeafing Day Comes to Bellevue

Because of the destruction from the recent flood, there will be a tree planting in the Bellevue area. Specific neighborhoods targeted for the planting are Poplar Creek Estates, River Park, Rolling River Estates and Sheffield on the Harpeth. Here are the details:

November 20 is ReLeafing Day.

Bring your family, your organization, your service club, your school and help Bellevue recover from the great flood in May as we plant trees on ReLeafing Day.

Our goal is to plant 300 trees to help increase our urban canopy and reduce storm water run off.

Register by clicking the VOLUNTEER link in this email or by visiting or

Quick facts:

November 20 at 8:30 AM until Noon

Location: Volunteers will check in at Bellevue Church of  Christ for tree planting assignments.
7401 Highway 70 South (next to Red Caboose

Members of the Metro Tree Advisory  committee will be on hand to demonstrate the
proper tree planting techniques.

Dress warmly and bring a shovel and mattock if  you have one.

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Dogs Don’t Litter

I love this letter from the How true!

Wednesday, 13th October 2010

Why no dogs when humans litter more?

Anthea Peschel, Sliema

I get so confused when I go to places like parks and gardens or even beaches. The signs say “No dogs” and I ask why! Why do people complain so about animals?

They should actually say “no humans” as I see more human litter and rubbish in these parks, gardens and beaches, actually everywhere. Why shouldn’t dogs be allowed to have a nice walk or swim with their owners? Their waste could easily be picked up but human litter isn’t.

This weekend my partner and I went for a walk in a local park and all we could see was unwanted shoes, fans, bottles and a mattress hidden behind a tree. So I ask: Why are dogs not allowed in and why are humans allowed to litter? It makes no sense at all.

Another disgrace was in Delimara next to the beach: a whole carpet of plastic and broken glass bottles and unwanted rubbish such as car tyres and seats. Which will all be dragged into the sea in the rough weather. So this is all allowed but dogs are not allowed in parks! Ridiculous, if I may say.

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Computer Recycling Event

If you live in the Nashville area, take note of this opportunity to recycle your old computer components:

Sponsored By Asians in Motion
Saturday, October 16th, 2010
9AM – 1PM
Donelson Pike side Parking Lot
Bring computers and computer peripherals including keyboards, mice monitors, hard drives, etc, to the Donelson Pike parking lot for recycling.
Computers and peripherals only, please. No TV’s, VCR’s, DVD Players, Cable Boxes, Etc.
Dell is not responsible for data stored on hard drives recycled through this program.
Contact Sandra Chavis ( for more information.

The exact location on Donelson Pike is not given. Contact Sandra Chavis for the directions.

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Walmart Sells Recycled Products

I admit Walmart is the store we love to hate, but this is good news as reported in USA Today.

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Shred Day in Nashville

Vickie from Metro Public Works asked me to let all my peeps know that Shred Day is scheduled.

Protect yourself, fight crime and be GREEN at the same time!!

OCTOBER 16TH, 2010
10:00am- 1:00pm

Take the first step in protecting yourself from identity theft crimes. Your old personal documents will be instantly destroyed by a Shred-it high speed, mobile, cross shredder
All shredded material will be recycled so you will also help protect the environment!
All proceeds from your $5 per box donation will benefit Nashville Crime Stoppers Inc., a 501 (C) 3 not-for-profit organization working with local law enforcement to solve serious crimes in your community.


Improper use of prescription medication should be a concern to everyone. Metro police officers will be on site to collect the prescription medications you no longer need and properly dispose of them to protect our environment.

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