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Epilogue: Nashville Gas Crisis

I last purchased gasoline on September 14, a few days before the worst of the shortage. When I told the attendant at Costco that on September 27, he told me that some drivers would come in every day to top off the tank during the crisis and often only spent $5 at the pump. These drivers probably wasted $5 by making the extra trip to Costco.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to alter my habits during the recent gas crisis because:

  • I drive a fuel efficient car.
  • I combine trips.
  • I regularly use public transportation, which is difficult for most Nashvillians.
  • I drive at or under the speed limit.
  • I use cruise control to keep my speed steady.

Finally, I know that I have several options to conserve gasoline. I could ride my bicycle to and from the bus stop. This might be a little dangerous for a 50-something with clipless pedals, but I could try it. I could telecommute at least a couple of days a week for my job. A wireless lap top and a cell phone handily help me do this.

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Day Eight: Gas Crisis in Nashville

Although I could have put another 50 miles on the tank of gas I had in the Mini, I stopped by Costco today to purchase gasoline for the first time since September 14. Luckily, Costco now had a supply of premium. Most stations in Nashville are getting a regular supply of octane 87, but only a few are getting premium. One of the local TV stations announced tonight, “That the crisis is probably over.”

Check this out. By driving under the speed limit, I got 42 mpg in my Mini during the gas crisis:

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Day Eight: Gas Crisis

It’s not really a gas crisis any more because most stations have regular gas.

When you see a sign like the one below, Nashville drivers know that only regular is available.

I’ll have to buy gasoline for the first time since September 14 this weekend. I can’t wait!

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Day Six: Nashville Gas Crisis

Some stations seem to get a limited amount of gasoline. The lowest grade is the most available. I run 93 octane, which is hard to find. I’ll ride the bus tomorrow and continue to conserve my half tank.

Google Nashville gas crisis to get more news. I’m just giving my own observations. It’s a real problem. I can’t believe more news organizations are not covering it.

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Images of Nashville Gas Crisis

Go figure. I watched lines of the gas-guzzlers along West End Avenue last night, as I waited for the bus. Where are they buying the gas?

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More on Gas Crisis, Day Five

Tonight, I passed six gas stations in Bellevue. One had gas; another had the lowest octane gas; the others were on empty. My tank still has just under 3/5 of a tank.

Both Presidential candidates will be here in a couple of weeks to debate at Belmont University. I heard tonight that the locals will be kept out; the audience is being flown in; hand-picked; whatever. Belmont has had a sign posted for many months that the road to the White House goes through Nashville. Let’s hope that they drive Hybrids.

Barack, we need gasoline.

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Day Five: Nashville Gas Crisis

I had to pick up some medications for the dog this morning, so I drove my car to work. I passed five gas stations in Bellevue – all without gasoline. The Exxon across the street from my office has gas. The cars resemble vultures circling a fresh kill.

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