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Now Back to Found Trash

This site is not to report the Nashville gas crisis, although I will continue to give daily updates until the situation improves.

While waiting for the bus on West End Avenue Monday night, I found this Tennessee Titans car flag on the sidewalk. I’ve never bought car flags. As any I’ve wanted, I’ve just picked up off the street after they blew off someone else’s car. At one time, I had an American flag, Nashville Predators and the once popular Tennessee Volunteers car flags.

Unfortunately, putting a flag on my car no longer appeals to me. Someone else can have this one. I’m not sure why it was discarded. The Titans are 3-0.

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Titans Play Like Trash

I know it’s only pre-season, but when I found Titans tickets torn and tossed in the neighborhood this week, I was reminded of how badly they played last Friday night. We were glad that we sold our tickets a few years ago.

Although the Titans won the game, I don’t like to see multi-millionaire quarterbacks throw incomplete passes again and again. It’s like watching multi-millionaire presidential candidates arguing about who has the most houses.

Four homes, Sen. McCain! Why do you need a fifth? I’m not counting the investment properties. That’s different.

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More Tailgating Recycling Opportunities

Volunteers will be handing out bags for recycling to tailgaters at the Tennessee Titans/Oakland Raiders pre-season football game tomorrow night. Clean paper, bottles, cans and plastics will be collected. If you want to help, call the Metro Beautification Environment Commission at 862-8418. Volunteers can park at Public Works office on 740 South Fifth Street near the stadium.

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Remember to Recycle While Tailgating

If you are planning on tailgating before the Tennessee Titans-St. Louis Rams preseason game this Saturday night, expect to find volunteers encouraging you to recycle those cans and bottles. Please participate. This is a new program with Metro Public Works Beautification Environment Commission and the Tennessee Titans.

If you would like to volunteer to help with this great recycling program, contact 

Or contact me, by commenting on this post. I hope this program is successful. And I hope that the Titans have a great season.

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Clothes are Sometimes Trash

No, not the kind Britney Spears wears. The kind I find on the street, like this:

I’ve always found clothes while I’m walking, running or cycling. The only thing I ever brought home was a Tennessee Titans baseball cap. It was quite new and held up perfectly after I washed it.

At first, I thought that the above clothing was tossed to the side, while moving a lawn or walking. When no one picked it up for a few days, I assumed it was just dumped. Please take unneeded clothes to Goodwill or cut them up and use as cleaning rags.

Don’t litter.

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