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Newsom Station Road Clean Up

There will be a clean up of Newsom Station Road on April 17, 2010. The neighborhoods of Boone Trace, Lexington Point and Riverwalk will participate in the clean up. Metro Beautification and Environment Commission will supply t-shirts, gloves and trash bags to all participants. The event is part of the Great American Clean Up, sponsored by Keep America Beautiful.

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Great American Clean-up Event

lexpt_1432lexpt_1423lexpt_1424lexpt_1429lexpt_14351The homeowners of Lexington Point in Nashville, TN, USA, held a Keep America Beautiful Great American Clean-up today. Spotlights in the picnic area were cleaned after being painted red by someone. Plus trash was picked up around their homes. Thanks to Jennifer Ruben and Carolyn Anderson for making this a successful pick up. Cookies and lemonade were served afterwards.

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More Unusual Trash In the Streets

golftees_1418During the Great American Clean Up, I have been showing some objects I find that we normally do not think of litter. I found these broken golf tees on a street in a neighborhood close to my neighborhood. They are made of wood which is a natural product and would eventually decay.

These are probably more dangerous to car tires as they are sharp. But again it is irresponsible to throw discarded items on the ground for someone else to pick up and dispose of.

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Balloons Are Dangerous to the Environment

Balloons Are Dangerous to the Environment

Since we are in the months of the Great American Clean Up, I’m highlighting each day something that I find on the streets as litter. Although I have loved balloons all my life, I do not like to find them in the environment.

Balloons are dangerous to wildlife who might ingest them. If I had not picked this balloon up off the street, it would have washed into the storm drain heading for the river and eventually the oceans. If an animal did not consume it on its journey, it would have wound up in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Please remember to remove balloons when they are used outside for birthday parties or open houses.

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Green Opportunities in Nashville, Tenn. area

I’ve added a new column to the right of my posts. It is called Act Green. These activities are ways to get involved in the community. I’m using my time as an unemployed worker to get more active in the community until I find a job. I’ve always been a “weekend activist;” now I’m a full time community activist. A former co-worker asked me when I would become a Community Organizer? I responded, “When I get paid to do community activities!” Some of the programs such as Earth Hour and the Great American Clean Up are national or world wide. Sign up in your community.

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From the Keep America Beautiful Affiliates Conference in ATL

Tennessee lead the nation with over 1,000,000 volunteers in the Great American Clean Up this year. Isn’t it great to be a Volunteer from Tennessee?

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How This Blog Has Changed Me

This month marks the first anniversary of this blog, The Earth Is Not a Trash Can. Previously blog attempts ended much sooner in failure. I became bored, or no one was reading my comments (probably because I was bored).

This blog has had almost 13,000 hits in its eleven months and few days. In the blogosphere, this is minimal. For me, it’s awesome (sorry George Bush, I overuse this adjective, too). Folks from all over the world have read the blog. To quote my husband, whose idea the blog was, “the internet creates a true democracy where everyone can openly have an exchange of ideas.”

Here are ways the blog has changed my life and behavior:

  • I became moderately active for the first time in the local mayoral and councilman races last summer when I discovered that the property where lots of trash is dumped in my area belonged to one of the council candidate’s father-in-law. While I didn’t influence the outcome of the race, I definitely drew attention to the dump sites.
  • The government of Metro Nashville posted two No Littering signs near the dump sites, which has deterred additional trash there.
  • As a result of this blog, the winner in the council race, Bo Mitchell, asked me to be the area commissioner on the Metro Beautification Environmental Commission. Our area hadn’t had a commissioner in years, and I am honored to serve my council district in this capacity.
  • I organized two (very small) trash pick ups for the Great American Clean Up in May 2008 as a result of my involvement on the MBEC. Next year, I hope to organize more trash pick ups during the Great American Clean Up.
  • We have started a compost pile for our food scraps, lint (we have a lot), dog hair, grass clippings, etc. It’s not “cooking” yet, but it’s full of healthy earthworms.
  • I’ve eliminated paper towels and paper napkins. We use cloth towels because it’s less destructive to the environment.
  • I gave up drinking bottled water regularly. I try to take my Sigg water bottle with me (although it leaked and destroyed my Canon digital camera).
  • I take my own dinnerware and flatware to the office for my lunch. Most days I bring lunch from home and rarely buy a take out salad or sandwich.
  • I bought a car that gets 40 miles to the gallon, and I ride the bus during the summer months as often as possible.
  • We have purchased a weekly basket from a CSA (community supported agriculture) this summer. We receive locally grown organic produce from late April until November. On Wednesdays, I drive about a mile from my office to pick up the produce, which is so fresh. I’ve eaten more organic greens in the last six weeks than I have my entire life.

I know I’ve influenced others to slowly change their behaviors, and I have realized that I can change and do more to protect the environment. I’m not always perfect, as those plastic bags still amazingly accumulate, but I have made a difference.

Let us know how you’ve changed in the past year to help the environment. While I’ll continue to show the amount and variety of litter that I find, I’ll continue to pick up roadside trash until people learn not to litter.

Thanks for reading this year.

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Photos from Trash Pick Up

Here is the pile of trash we collected yesterday. There is at least one tire, two car bumpers, towels, clothes, roofing shingles and similar debris from the spring storms in the area, signs, tons of bottles and cans. There were some gas tanks from cars, but these were very old and were embedded into the ground. For the dozen or so folks involved, we did a great job.

A find I found amusing was a polo shirt with a TA logo on it. This is an inside joke for my coworkers, who used to work on a TA magazine.

We spent about 2.5 hours picking up this trash along about 2 miles of roadway.

We’re proud that we are part of the Great American Clean Up and can’t wait to see the total statistics of trash collected for the country. We would be prouder if we didn’t have to collect trash dumped by our fellow homo sapiens.

Let’s don’t litter.

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Great American Clean Up

We organized a Great American Clean Up event this morning and cleaned up Newsom Station Road in Nashville. Only a handful of folks turned out, after a night of thunderstorms, but we amassed quite a pile of trash.

I had planned to show some photos from the event, but my phone and my camera got wet in my backpack from a leak in my $20 Sigg Water Bottle. Both phone and camera stopped working. I’m trying to revive both. I’ve learned from this accident that if your cell phone or digital camera gets wet, turn it off and remove the battery immediately. Take apart as much as you can and put in a window sill to dry out. Don’t attempt to turn it back on at least for 24-hours. I tried turning mine back on immediately. We’ll see if the camera or phone works tomorrow.

Anyway, it was great today to be part of the Great American Clean Up!

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Percy Priest Lake Clean Up

Cool People Care emailed about this opportunity to help Team Green, Bridgestone Americas and others clean up Percy Priest Lake. As a 30-something, I would boat with a former boyfriend in the 1980s. We drank beer and sunk the cans or bottles in the lake. I was a bad person back then. I would never do that now.

I feel as if I should help out Saturday, but I’m involved with my own Great American Clean Up project along Newsom Station Road. I’m atoning by cleaning up someone else’s litter, while someone else cleans up my litter from long ago.

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