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Trash Pick up Day

Sitting here in our front office, I heard the trash truck headed this way. I looked out and neither of us had taken the trash can to the curb last night. I rushed out and put it there. All it contained was an empty bag of cat food.

Am I proud today!  Recycling and reusing lives!

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Boone Trace Great American Clean Up Trash

boonetrace_1529Thanks again to my neighbors who spent last Saturday morning bagging this trash left in the common areas of our subdivision. Someone had dumped a fire extinguisher. Can you believe that? There was also a can of paint.

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Deconstruction Leads to Green

by Christine Hunt

It’s one thing to build something in a green way. It’s entirely another thing to un-build something in a green way.

Truckloads of construction debris – lumber, drywall, masonry and cardboard – are hauled to landfills every day. Some is waste from new construction sites, and some is the jumbled remains of demolished buildings. About 40% of everything in a landfill is from buildings. The U.S. Green Building Council estimates nationally that nearly 3 pounds per person of building materials is covered over each day.

Much of the material could be recycled through deconstruction.

Deconstruction is the process of carefully dismantling buildings by hand in the reverse order it was built and salvaging all suitable materials for reuse. Deconstruction can take up to three weeks, sometimes nearly 10 times longer than a typical demolition. The length of a project varies from building to building. Some buildings are soft-stripped; the deconstruction team recovers only what is easily removable, trim, plumbing, windows, oak floors and cabinets, then the shell is demolished by conventional demolition methods.

This is a great post from Cool People Care.

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Nashville fails to meet ozone rules

By Christina E. Sanchez and Clay Carey • THE TENNESSEAN • April 29, 2009

Andy Hageman can rattle off a list of irritants — pollen, grass, pet dander — that can set off an asthma attack on any given day.

When the sun is hot and bright, those attacks can be exacerbated, particularly when health officials issue air-quality alerts over high levels of lung-irritating ozone pollution.

“It’s worse from about springtime to the first frost in about October or November,” said Hageman, 63, a Nashville resident. “If I go outside for any period of time, I am wheezing. It’s all the stuff outside in the air.”

When it comes to ozone, a hot-weather pollutant created when sunlight reacts with vehicle and industrial emissions, Nashville and three of its neighboring counties don’t meet new, tougher federal standards set last year, the state has told the Environmental Protection Agency.

The EPA won’t sign off on the state’s initial report until 2010, and no deadline has been set for Davidson, Rutherford, Sumner and Wilson counties to meet the new air-quality criteria.

That is why my sinuses are bleeding.

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Nest made of litter stirs eco-warrior (9)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009, 09:00

A BUDDING eco-warrior is urging litter bugs to think twice about dropping rubbish, for the sake of local wildlife.

William Chico (nine), from New Waltham, felt so moved when he saw a pair of moorhens struggling to make a nest out of litter that he decided to write to the Grimsby Telegraph.

“I was just amazed,” said William.

“I think it is very sad that the birds were using horrible rubbish people have dropped to make a nest for their eggs.

“I was upset about it and decided to write to the Grimsby Telegraph to ask people to stop dropping rubbish and to take better care of the environment.”

William spotted the birds’ nest while walking with his dad along the River Freshney.

The Signhills Junior School pupil already has a keen interest in wildlife and the environment.

“It is very easy for people to put their rubbish in the bin instead of just dropping it on the floor,” he said.

“Things like crisp packets and wrappers can really harm the wildlife, like birds and fish.

This is sad when we find birds including litter in their nests. At least, wildlife recycles. I have found plastic strips in bird nests. Thanks to eco-warrior William Chico.

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Boone Trace Great American Clean Up

While I was running the half marathon Saturday morning, eleven of my best neighbors at Boone Trace were participating in a Great American Clean up event in our subdivision. Many thanks to these people including the Board of Directors of the HOA. Dick Page, noted arborist, headed up the event.

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Harpeth River State Park


While recuperating frtrashpile_1522om the Half Marathon, my husband and I walked a trail at the Harpeth River State Park only a couple of miles from our house. Here’s John looking down at Hidden Lake (he said that it is more like a pond) from a cliff. We had a great hike. It is always a special time for us to be on a hike together.

John thinks that the lake must have been a quarry, as we found a shack, an oil tank partially underground and the remains of a house or office. By the abandoned house, we found a trash pile, which was very old, except for the soda can in it. We think at one time, a farm or plantation must have occupied the land. We also found a bed of cactus.

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Thanks to Metro Public Works and Volunteers

Thanks to all those at Metro Public Works and the volunteers who were picking up the litter we runners left behind us today at the Country Music Half and Full Marathon. I dropped quite a few paper cups while trying to stay cool and hydrated during the race.

Metro Public Works maintains the course at no cost to the organizers (just us taxpayers).

I noticed that the start was less littered this year than last year. Thanks to the runners for not dropping trash everywhere at the start.

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Yellow Ball


This is the latest abandoned toy we have found heading toward the storm drain in our neighborhood. Saved again.

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