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Garage Sale Signs

Sign_1944When the party is over, please remove your signs. Otherwise, folks like me have to pick them up.

And this one can be used again.

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Abandoned Blue Tarp

Tarp_1946When I see something as large as this blue tarp tossed on the side of the road, my imagination runs wild. Is there something disturbing underneath? A crime victim?

I do not think first that it is just litter. I wonder what is hidden. But simply, it’s litter.

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Please Store Christmas Trees at Home

XMasTree_1949XmasTree_1951When I put up a Christmas tree in my house, I would often toss the natural tree behind my backyard for the wildlife. These artificial trees (including lights) have been dumped near my home.

Today, they are being covered in snow. What’s up, guys? Can’t you store them at home? Give them to someone who might want them? If they no longer work, please dispose of them properly. I’m sure that these trees will be around forever.

This is not cool.

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Carpet on the Side of the Road

Carpet_1943How does carpet land on the side of the road? Oh, it blew out of the back of your truck and you didn’t notice. That is littering and punishable by a fine.

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Plastic Bubbles

PlasticBubbles_1939Several small pieces of plastic were dumped and left out in the rain. The result was water splattered trash.

Plastic is harmful to the environment.

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Litter Gets Royal Pick Up

I love this story about Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, from monsters and

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Milk Makes Me Smile

MilkJugSmile_1965This looks like a smiling milk jug. Only it is empty and is sitting by the side of the road. Not funny.

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Rain Gardens at MTSU

Being green has been happening at MTSU for the over 30 years when students started recycling newspapers in the 70s to today. One of their projects is rain gardens, which help clean the water naturally before it returns to the streams. Here is a useful post on how to build a rain garden.

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What a Waste of Fruit

Clementine_1958Is this a clementine or a tangerine? Does it matter? It’s trash.

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A Still Life: Bottle With Leaves


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