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Cereal Bag Liners (Who Needs Them; You Do)

Thanks to Cool People Care for sharing this link about what to do with cereal bag liners. I try to reuse everything I can.

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Holiday Ideas for the Green Geeks (and others)

Here is a link to green gifts for the holidays. I’ve bookmarked a couple of the links for clothes that are made from excess materials. These are great ideas. Thanks to Jennifer Lynch for providing these.

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Flood Debris Clean Up

Thanks to the Harpeth River Watershed Association and Metro Public Works who together cleaned up over 10 tons of flood debris from the common area of Boone Trace subdivision.

The debris floated to the area last May. Some came from the flooded homes in the neighborhood; some debris traveled from far away.

We carted off tires, fencing, decking, railroad ties, trash cans, basketball goals, a gas grill, a computer monitor, cases of soda and beer, even someone’s bagged recyclables.

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Los Angeles Says No Plastic Bags

This is great news from Los Angeles about plastic bags. I hope the momentum explodes.

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Political Yard Signs

Political yard signs become trash after the election. Congressman Jim Cooper is offering a bounty for his signs being returned. Great.

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