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ReLeafing Day Comes to Bellevue

Because of the destruction from the recent flood, there will be a tree planting in the Bellevue area. Specific neighborhoods targeted for the planting are Poplar Creek Estates, River Park, Rolling River Estates and Sheffield on the Harpeth. Here are the details:

November 20 is ReLeafing Day.

Bring your family, your organization, your service club, your school and help Bellevue recover from the great flood in May as we plant trees on ReLeafing Day.

Our goal is to plant 300 trees to help increase our urban canopy and reduce storm water run off.

Register by clicking the VOLUNTEER link in this email or by visiting or

Quick facts:

November 20 at 8:30 AM until Noon

Location: Volunteers will check in at Bellevue Church of  Christ for tree planting assignments.
7401 Highway 70 South (next to Red Caboose

Members of the Metro Tree Advisory  committee will be on hand to demonstrate the
proper tree planting techniques.

Dress warmly and bring a shovel and mattock if  you have one.

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Bellevue Recycling to Expand

From WSMV news:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Metro Public Works said they are contemplating the expansion of recycling in Bellevue due to initial success of the program. The curbside recycling pilot program started March 1.Since then, more than 30 tons of recyclables have been collected, which doesn’t even include the recycling drop-off bins in Bellevue.Currently nearly 700 homes are signed up for the program.Curbside recycling costs $40 for a storage cart and an additional $10 a month.

I know that I am hooked on the program. I recommend it to others all the time.

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Curbside Recycling Comes to Bellevue This Week

Curbside recycling bins will be delivered this week to those in the 37221 area who have signed up for this service. It is not too late to sign up. Go to with any questions. If you need personal assistance, please email

This is a great service. Please recycle. If you don’t sign up for this service, please continue to take your recyclables to the Bellevue DropOff Center.

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More on Bellevue Curbside Recycling

I’ve been reporting mostly old news lately because I’m behind. I was out of town on business after the election, then got laid off when I got back into town. The story on curbside recycling in Bellevue was published in The Tennessean on November 10. I was supposed to be in the picture but I was out of town. I was quoted in the article:

Barbara Mathieson, a Bellevue blogger, came to Mitchell’s attention after writing about trash dumping areas in Bellevue.

Along with Bellevue Chamber of Commerce executive director Cindy Tremblay, Mitchell worked with the mayor’s office to begin the pilot project, which hopes to have at least 1,000 residents signed up before it launches in January.

While Mathieson said she is behind the program, she won’t be participating.

“My husband and I are really frugal,” Mathieson said. “We have so little trash, and we make trips twice a month to the recycling center. I hope that my neighbors who don’t recycle will see how easy it is to take their trash to the curb.”

Now with both my husband and me unemployed, we’re even more frugal. Well, I am.

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Recycling Brought to Your Home in Bellevue

I’ve mentioned on this blog before that if 1000 people in Bellevue sign up, recyclable materials can be picked up at your home. Visit EarthSavers to sign up for this great service. The Bellevue Recycling Drop Off Center at the MTA Park and Ride station will remain open. Folks, like me, will still use this service. I’m hoping that those in Bellevue, who don’t like taking their recyclable stuff in their ride, will use the pick up service. We drop our stuff off while heading to Publix or to work, so we don’t make an extra trip.

This would make a great Christmas gift to someone in Bellevue, who doesn’t have home pick up for their recyclables.

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More on Gas Crisis, Day Five

Tonight, I passed six gas stations in Bellevue. One had gas; another had the lowest octane gas; the others were on empty. My tank still has just under 3/5 of a tank.

Both Presidential candidates will be here in a couple of weeks to debate at Belmont University. I heard tonight that the locals will be kept out; the audience is being flown in; hand-picked; whatever. Belmont has had a sign posted for many months that the road to the White House goes through Nashville. Let’s hope that they drive Hybrids.

Barack, we need gasoline.

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Day Five: Nashville Gas Crisis

I had to pick up some medications for the dog this morning, so I drove my car to work. I passed five gas stations in Bellevue – all without gasoline. The Exxon across the street from my office has gas. The cars resemble vultures circling a fresh kill.

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