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Rolling in the Gutter

BlueBall_1581Tonight on my walk, this small blue ball rolled past me in the gutter. Luckily I was able to pick it up before it fell into the storm drain.

Since it was damaged, I’m sending it to the landfill unless someone can come up with a use for it.

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CDs are Litter

CD_1565I rescued this CD last night from the grass in a field between two subdivisions. Since it was not broken, I was curious what was recorded on it. To my chagrin, only some country music, Kenny Chesney, etc. That’s not my favorite music, so I threw it away.

Anyway, it is no longer litter; now it’s landfill.

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More Newsom Station Road Trash

When I was trying to clean up some of the trash along Newsom Station Road, I found this watch on the side of the road. The backing and battery were missing. The watch was broken.

I’m not sure why the wearer didn’t repair it or give it away. Instead someone tossed it, and it became litter.

More stuff for the landfill that could have been recycled.

I hate to see things that could have been reused just littering our roads.

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Credit Cards

I have credit cards; you have credit cards; we all have credit cards. But we don’t like credit cards and use them only in emergencies. It’s not that we hate them because they are plastic; it’s because we abuse them in our “we want it now” society.

We are disgusted, though, by the number of solicitations we receive in the mail that include a fake plastic credit card. We can recycle the paper, but the fake plastic cards are a major nuisance, only something to add to a landfill. American Express seems to be the worst offender, although VISA runs closely behind. Write these companies and tell them to stop the waste. These are just the fake cards we received in one week:


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