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Newsom Station Road Clean Up

There will be a clean up of Newsom Station Road on April 17, 2010. The neighborhoods of Boone Trace, Lexington Point and Riverwalk will participate in the clean up. Metro Beautification and Environment Commission will supply t-shirts, gloves and trash bags to all participants. The event is part of the Great American Clean Up, sponsored by Keep America Beautiful.

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Great American Clean Up, Week Two

Week2_2110One of the neighborhoods along Newsom Station Road, Lexington Point, has contacted me about helping to clean up this stretch of road. Hopefully, we’ll have a group clean up on April 17 or April 24.

Today, one woman (me) with one bag (in photo) cleaned up the area that is above Beech Creek. The trash eventually washes down into the creek which flows into the Harpeth River, where I get my drinking water.

Most of what I picked up isĀ  not recyclable. I picked up a faux leather cell phone holder, a pair of socks (one was on each side of the road), lots of plastic grocery bags, styrofoam cups from fast food outlets, lots of paper and food containers, etc. The most common item I found today was one-serving salad dressing cups. I bet I found 20 of them. Some were empty; some were full. I also found a full bottle of beer.

Russell, I found several illegals signs. Most were for lost dogs, found cats or garage sales. All of which had disintegrated. Only the roofing sign (in photo) survived intact, but mostly buried in the ground.

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Soft Taco Dinner Kit

DinnerKit_1923This trash was found in a field between Riverwalk and Lexington Point subdivisions in Bellevue, Tenn. The box is recyclable.

Did the box just jump out of someone’s trash can?

Probably not.

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A Cushion for the Grass

seatcushion_1652Tonight I was walking by the entrance of the Lexington Point subdivision, and I noticed a chair seat cushion on the grass.

Did it fall out of a truck loaded with furniture being moved to a new location? Did it blow off a patio in the neighborhood?

I hope someone reclaims it before it is damaged, or I toss it in the garbage.

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Great American Clean-up Event

lexpt_1432lexpt_1423lexpt_1424lexpt_1429lexpt_14351The homeowners of Lexington Point in Nashville, TN, USA, held a Keep America Beautiful Great American Clean-up today. Spotlights in the picnic area were cleaned after being painted red by someone. Plus trash was picked up around their homes. Thanks to Jennifer Ruben and Carolyn Anderson for making this a successful pick up. Cookies and lemonade were served afterwards.

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Neighborhood Trash

This morning, I ran through the Boone Trace, Lexington Point and Riverwalk neighborhoods. In Riverwalk, I picked up a half full Coca-Cola can and a Camelot water bottle off the roadside.

I ran home with one in each hand. I do this a lot when I walk or run through the neighborhoods. And I do this daily.

I poured out the Coca-Cola immediately, but kept the water and poured it on my compost pile. Both the can and plastic bottle have gone into my recycling bin.

Construction workers in Riverwalk leave behind a lot of trash, but these items were nowhere around any construction area. I think residents dropped them. Why do people litter? Especially in their own neighborhood?

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Neighborhood Trash

This summer, during my evening walks or morning runs, I picked up plastic bottles, aluminum cans or glass bottles that I found on the streets in the subdivisions of Boone Trace, Lexington Point and Riverwalk.

Since this is the last day of August, and I started this project in early June, here are the stats:

Plastic bottles: 66

Aluminum cans: 25

Glass bottles: 2

While I have no proof, I think most of these were left behind by homeowners and their children playing outside. One day, I picked up about nine plastic bottles on the soccer field in Lexington Point. Teens gathered there eyed me suspiciously. There was an empty trash can on the field next to the swing set. I photographed the plastic bottle above in front of a Boone Trace resident’s home yesterday.

When I run in the mornings, and now that school has started, I find lots of plastic bottles left where the children catch the bus.

I hope I’m noticed picking up my neighbor’s litter. I’m sure those who see me running with empty water bottles think that they are mine. I ran home last Thursday with an empty beer bottle which I found in a yard on Boone Trace. No, it wasn’t mine.

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