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Recycle Used Clothing and Household Goods

MoreJunk_1953Clothing_1955Besides being a huge eyesore, nothing makes me madder than seeing usable clothing and household goods dumped in the environment. My mother always gave our used household goods to a family less fortunate than our family. We give our discarded clothing and household items to Goodwill.

In this economy, I am saddened to see such a waste. Hey, I could have used the plastic coat hangers.

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Take It to Goodwill

Since we donate all of our old usable clothes to Goodwill, I was pleased to read this news from Advertising Age about Levi’s promoting Goodwill Industries:

Levi’s, Goodwill Launch Clothing Recycling Push

‘Care Tag for Our Planet’ Encourages People to Donate Unwanted Apparel

Posted by Karen Egolf on 10.22.09 @ 05:18 PM

Levi Strauss & Co. and Goodwill are working together on a new initiative to save billions of pounds of unwanted clothes and put them to good use. In “A Care Tag for Our Planet,” the product care tags on Levi’s clothing in the U.S. will include messaging encouraging people to donate their unwanted clothing, with the project expanding to global markets in fall 2010.

Levi's GoodwillEnlarge

According to Goodwill, about 23.8 billion pounds of clothing end up in U.S. landfills each year. Currently, 166 community-based Goodwill organizations in the U.S. and Canada divert more than 1.5 billion pounds of clothing and textiles a year from landfills and, in the process, create job-training opportunities for more than 1.5 million people annually.

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Clean Up Bellevue Day This Saturday

The Bellevue Exchange Club will be sponsoring a clean up this Saturday, November 1 from 8 a.m. until noon. Some of the items accepted at the Bellevue Center campus will be large items, fluorescent tubes, CFL bulbs, household batteries and cell phones. There will be a shredder for confidential papers, and a Goodwill truck for useable items.

Volunteers will assemble for roadside clean up during the morning. The Bellevue Rotary Club, Bellevue Community Church and the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce are also assisting in the effort.

I will be participating and bringing some household batteries and fluorescent tubes for disposal.

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Amazing Amount of Trash

This is a photo of trash in front of a house in a neighboring subdivision. I haven’t thrown away this much stuff this year:

I’m in shock at this pile of stuff. Why is there an upside down ironing board in the stack? Couldn’t that go to Goodwill? Plus, look at what could have been recycled!

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Why Does Anything Become Trash?

Recently, I found this glove left behind at a construction site. If I had dropped the glove, I would have picked it up. I’m not sure why a glove was in the area in the summertime.

This week, there has been one shoe in the middle of Highway 70S in Bellevue. How does one lose one shoe in the middle of the road?

When we did our trash pickup during the Great American Clean Up, I found a pile of clothes. Because they were wet and had partially been hidden by ground cover, I removed as many as I could carry in my bag.

I see clothes a lot during my walks. Once I found a Titans baseball cap, which I brought home, washed and wore for a while. It was new anyway. I don’t think that it had ever been worn.

I just can’t get used to our throw away society. If we have worn out t-shirts, we’ll use them for rags. If the clothes are still wearable, we donate them to Goodwill. At worst, we toss in the garbage.

My mother used to give all all of our outgrown clothing and household goods to a family in my home town. I remember one Christmas visiting them with my mother. Our discarded Christmas decorations looked new and beautiful. Much of the furniture in the home was familiar to me. The home was one of the cleanest houses that I have ever visited. And I recognized some of the clothes. That’s one of my fondest Christmas memories.

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Clothes are Sometimes Trash

No, not the kind Britney Spears wears. The kind I find on the street, like this:

I’ve always found clothes while I’m walking, running or cycling. The only thing I ever brought home was a Tennessee Titans baseball cap. It was quite new and held up perfectly after I washed it.

At first, I thought that the above clothing was tossed to the side, while moving a lawn or walking. When no one picked it up for a few days, I assumed it was just dumped. Please take unneeded clothes to Goodwill or cut them up and use as cleaning rags.

Don’t litter.

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