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Dirty Diapers in Public

While trash of any nature in our environment makes me angry, the two dirty diapers left on a picnic table at the Nashville Zoo today was the worst I have seen. I’ve found dirty diapers many times on the sides of the roadway, but what inconsiderate idiot would leave two dirty diapers on a picnic bench in a public place?

Although a zoo custodian will pick up the mess, what if someone uses the picnic table and places their hands where the diapers had been lying? That individual or child could get very ill.

The Nashville Zoo has many convenient trash bins. There is no excuse for this inexcusable behavior.

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Mill Creek Clean Up

Here is a clean up event, sponsored by the Nashville Zoo:

Mill Creek Cleanup

Saturday, May 2, 2009: 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Here’s a great volunteer conservation project right in your own backyard – help Nashville Zoo and the Tennessee Scenic Rivers Association clean up Davidson County’s Mill Creek!

Volunteers must:

Metro Beautification and Environment is the co-sponsor for the cleanup and is providing T-shirts, bags and, most importantly, trash disposal!

Cleanup FAQs

PLEASE NOTE: This volunteer project is NOT located at Nashville Zoo. Registration is required. Please contact the Volunteer Programs Manager at or 615-833-1534 x 140.

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Nashville Gas Crisis, Day Three

Today, I drove to the Nashville Zoo. After exiting I-440 onto Nolensville Pike, I saw one gas station with fuel. The Citgo had lines at 9 a.m., and longer lines around 1 p.m. after I left the Zoo. No other gas station was open. I lunched with my husband in Hillsboro Village and found no full stations along 21st Avenue South.

Although I still have 7/10 of a full tank, I’ll ride the bus to work tomorrow. More gas is expected to be delivered tomorrow, but I anticipate another run on the stations. I should be fine until next Sunday, when I will need to refuel.

I wrote a little poem (or prayer) about the crisis:

Dear Jesus, please turn some water into oil,

and cool this globe so that we won’t boil.

Will You reveal to me the reason

why the Vols are losing this season?

Actually I know the answer to the question about my dear Alma Mater, the University of Tennessee. And I don’t really care. I’m more concerned about the crisis on Wall Street and my retirement funds that are beginning to reflect the gasoline situation in Nashville.

Because I blogged about the gas crisis, I’ve had more readers this weekend that I’ve had some months. Thanks to you new readers. Please return when I start talking about trash again. This blog is really about litter, but I talk about other environmental issues as global warming and conservation of our natural resources.

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Nashville, Tenn. Gas Crisis (continued)

I drove my 41-MPG Mini Cooper today. I saw one open gas station with long lines. I’ll ride the bus to work on Monday just to conserve gasoline. I’m volunteering at the Nashville Zoo tomorrow, which is 25-miles from my house. It will be interesting to see how many visitors we have.

Today, I’m glad that I’m a conservative liberal. That is, one who uses her resources wisely, is an environmentalist and believes that government shouldn’t control our lives. Oops, I’m political today. I argued politics with my father-in-law over lunch. But I don’t think he ever realized that I was wearing an Environmentalists for Obama t-shirt. He hugged me.

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Nashville Zoo Increases Recycling Opportunities

At the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere today, I noticed for the first time, new recycling containers and lots more of them around the park. The stations are very attractive. Unfortunately, lots of trash wasn’t making its way to the new cans.

People, trash doesn’t have legs. It can’t throw itself away. I picked up one discarded plastic bottle and put it in the recycling bin. I noticed that the bins were being used, and yes, I saw some trash in one of the recycling bins. Again, I don’t understand why folks can’t keep public places clean. The Zoo, as any other establishment, has to pay someone to clean the grounds. More trash on the grounds means more employees needed to pick up the junk. This results in higher prices. Think!

Nashville’s zoo is developing into one of the best in the country. The top of the recycling and waste containers have the Zoo’s logo:

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Today is A Special Day

It’s International Migratory Bird Day. As the link will explain, traditionally it’s been celebrated on the second Saturday in May, but now it’s celebrated daily.

I participated in the IMBD activities at the Nashville Zoo. I learned that the Tennessee Warbler got its name because someone shot one migrating through Tennessee and first identified it as the Tennessee Warbler.

Let’s protect the environment and keep it bird friendly.

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