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Leave Only Footprints

I try to leave only slight footprints, although these were left by me in deep mud. I thought that it was drier. I brought home mud on my sandals and socks that day. Most of it was washed off into my backyard.

Anyway, leave only footprints is the way to live. Slight footprints, that is.

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Dangerous Trash

This is dangerous litter not necessarily to the environment, but to the person who dropped it. Once I had my debit card number stolen by an unscrupulous person who worked at either White Bridge Auto Wash or Dalts Restaurant. Since I had the card and my receipt, the person used the copy belonging to the store. Luckily the bank credited me all that was due, but I had to cancel the card and get a new one. I didn’t use my debit card for years and use it conservatively now. I also use my credit cards sparingly and pay off any consumer debt promptly.

Oops, I’m not Dave Ramsey. I apologize for the financial advice.

Anyway, Susan Whoever who spent $60 at Knobstoppers needs to hold on to her charge receipts.

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Missing Any Car Keys?

What do I do, when I find car keys on the side of the road? There is no ID. These could be to any Chevrolet gas guzzler. I left them there. Possibly the owner will return. Since they’re made of plastics and metals, they will be there for a long while.

A German burned his BMW recently because the price of gas was too high for him to continue driving. Did some hapless American just toss her keys to her SUV in disgust about its MPG unable to afford a gallon of gas to burn it?

Anyway, if you lost your car keys, they are lying on the southside of Newsom Station Road in Bellevue with the other trash.

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Drugs are Trash

I never worried about drug disposal, since I always took all the drugs prescribed for me. That was before the days, when doctors handed out prescriptions like candy on Halloween.

When I heard that alligators in the Everglades were being affected by the amount of birth control pills seeping into the water supply, I began to wonder about drugs in our environment.

If I receive a prescription that I can’t tolerate (which is usually the case), I put the pills into cat litter. Being as frugal as I am, I use used cat litter.

Recently I was involved in a drug disposal program that Metro Public Works plans to sponsor quarterly, since the program was so successful. One Saturday, folks could bring their unused prescription drugs and over the counter drugs to a Metro Recycling site, which was monitored by the police.

I’ve also learned that CVS will also take back drugs for proper disposal.

When I saw this pill bottle on the side of the road, I thought what a great blog post. I didn’t check, but I hope for safety sake, that this bottle was empty.

Here’s the White House policy for drug disposal. Notice that oxycontin should be flushed down the toilet! Now who would toss that drug? Surely not Rush Limbaugh! Or me!

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McDonald's Egg McMuffin is Trash

I didn’t know what this food was when I first spotted it. Well, I knew that the first one was bread. I’m certain that it’s an aging Egg McMuffin from the evil empire of McDonald’s.

I ate an Egg McMuffin, when these “food” items were first introduced. I never ate a second one. Neither did the person who dropped this one.

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McDonald’s Egg McMuffin is Trash

I didn’t know what this food was when I first spotted it. Well, I knew that the first one was bread. I’m certain that it’s an aging Egg McMuffin from the evil empire of McDonald’s.

I ate an Egg McMuffin, when these “food” items were first introduced. I never ate a second one. Neither did the person who dropped this one.

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Happy Birthday!

Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of PlanetTrash: The Earth is Not a Trash Can. This image started the blog. When we spotted this overturned jaccuzi abandoned on the side of Newsom Station Road, something stirred us to fight the litter accumulating around our home.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how my life had changed since this blog became a reality.

We will continue to fight litter and especially plastic litter.

Our (meaning you, everyone in the world and me) dilemma is handling the plastic trash that we use in our everyday life. Plastic is everywhere. We can’t live without it. Look around you and try to find something that isn’t made of plastic.

We can reduce the amount of unneeded plastic as cups, plates and flatware. What do we do with our computer and other electronic components, automobile parts, etc? From just home and office use, I’ve used at least a dozen computers in my life. How many are in landfills? Worse, how many are floating in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? Everything we buy is enclosed in plastic or is put into a plastic bag. Why?

Refuse to take plastic. Reuse or recycle it if you do. If you can’t, put it into a trash can at the least.

Just don’t use Planet Earth as a trash can. Please!

Keep reading and commenting.

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Marketing Hype is Trash

No kudos to Deer Park Bottled Spring Water for its New Eco-Shape Bottle from us. Deer Park claims that the plastic bottle has “an average of 30% less plastic to be easier on the environment.” Deer Park, I picked up your plastic bottle from the side of the road where it would eventually wash into the river which would empty into the ocean which would propel it to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

No plastic is eco-safe. Not even recycled plastic, but at least, it’s not swimming in the Pacific Ocean.

Buy a reusable water bottle. We can all make a difference.

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Left Behind

At the bus stop this morning, there were two paperback books left behind. Just as a few weeks ago, someone left two children’s books there.

At least, these books found a home. Another bus rider took the High Adventure novel. By the time I returned home, the Clancy novel was gone.

Although I don’t recommend leaving stuff and hoping that someone will take it, I’m glad that someone got the books. Leaving books on top of the newspaper rack is littering.

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What We Leave Behind

I finished reading Fahrenheit 451 yesterday. Toward the end of the book, one of the characters quotes from his grandfather:

Everyone must leave something behind when he dies…. A child or a book or a painting or a house or a wall built or a pair of shoes made. Or a garden planted. Something your hand touched someway so your soul has somewhere to go when you die, and when people look at that tree or that flower you planted, you’re there. It doesn’t matter what you do, so long as you change something from the way it was before you touched it into something that’s like you after you take your hands away.

Why did I think of that statement when I saw this Mountain Dew plastic bottle “planted” in the dirt at a construction site? Is this how the next generation will remember us? The huge pile of plastic floating in the ocean?

I still have flowers that return each year that my mother gave me. A few years before she died, she gave me a plant called a magic lily, or a surprise lily. The summer after she died, it bloomed for the first time. That’s where I see her soul: in flowers or when I eat a homegrown tomato.

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