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    Susan said,

    I love your web site. I live in CA. Small town. The amount of garbage I see on the roads is a sin. They get volunteers to clean up the rivers after the summer here. You wouldn’t believe the amount of garbage they cleaned up. My goodness that is a sin. I started cleaning my street. Just my street I’ve pulled out more garbage then you’ll ever know. The earth is not a trash can is exactly how I feel. I’m just glad there are other people out there that care for the earth. Keep up the good work.

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    I love your blog! My son and I are always calling out people as “Litter bugs!” We are also on a mission to educate people on the benefits of the 3 R’s.

    I just finished my first book, “Think Outside The Bin: Discard your common household items, Help your neighbor, Help your earth” which promotes SOCIAL RECYCLING and has over 450 tips and internet links to needy charities. Check it out at!

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    tom said,

    i am completely discusted by the amount of Mcdonalds trash that I find in my front yard every week. is it possible to hold McDonalds responible for this problem. Tom in Dayton Ohio

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