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Newspaper Mush

mushypaper_1608This is what happens when the weekly shopper produced by the Tennessean is left in a driveway, then rained on and driven over a few times. No one wants these. Since it is too expensive to send in the mail (which used to happen), the newspapers are left in driveways. I pick up quite a few of them which have been abandoned each week.

Sometimes, the newspapers walk to road or storm drains. I try to recycle them before the enter the water stream.

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Not Again: Storm Drains are not Trash Cans

During my after dinner walk last night, I found dumped charcoal briquettes in a storm drain on Settlers’ Way in my subdivision. I turned in the location to the president of the board of the homeowners association.

I do not like ice cubes in my water. Why would I want charcoal briquettes in it?

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I’m a Cool Person

My story about storm drains being used as trash cans was featured on Cool People Care today.

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I'm a Cool Person

My story about storm drains being used as trash cans was featured on Cool People Care today.

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Update on Storm Drain Dumping

Metro Government will send the contractor a Notice of Violation about dumping the dry wall spackle in our storm drain. At least, the eco-disaster should not happen again.

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Dumping in Storm Drains

I commend the folks at Metro Public Works, Metro Water and Metro Public Health for moving quickly on this blog’s report about the dry wall spackle dumped in our storm drain.

Metro Water sent someone out to inspect the drain and to check if the substance had made its way to Beech Creek where our storm water drains to the Harpeth River. If we knew who the contractor was, Metro Health will send him a Notice of Violation.

There is a number to report dumping into storm drains. The number in Davidson County is 615.313.PURE. It is best to find the person in the act of the dumping.

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Storm Drains Are Not Trash Cans

illegaldumping_1536I was appalled this morning when I left my house for a morning run and found my storm drain filled with what I thought was paint. Later, my husband confronted the contractor working on the house across the street about this eco-deadly mess.

It is dry wall spackling. My husband admonished the contractor who “cleaned” up the mess from the top of the drain. When I took the dog for an afternoon walk, I looked into the storm drain and found it full of this hazardous substance.

This is the time of year that frogs hatch in our streams. These frogs will not survive this year due to this mess. More rain is expected tonight, which will only wash the dry wall spackling further into the streams.

Oh, and I get my drinking water from these same streams.

Storm drains are not trash drains. They are for storm water only.

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