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Why I Love The Earth


Yesterday one of my favorite walking companions and I took the path on the left to the river on the right. The day was beautiful with a slight chill in the air and sunny skies. When I take Neyland to the river, although he is old per human standards, he becomes young again. He gets his paws wet in the creek and acts like a young dog. He sticks his nose in every hole in the ground along the path and finds treasures unknown to me. A leaf falling to the rock along the river startles him. We find empty mussel shells and a feather from a blue heron. It was a good day despite finding this plastic bottle nestled by the creekside.


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No Bones about Plastic

This article from the Washington Post tells ways to keep your pets green. While the article is very good, encouraging shopping at Petco for green pet needs is not a good suggestion, as that place sells live animals, often exotics. Try a locally owned store, who doesn’t trade in live animals. We’re lucky in the Nashville area to have Nashville Pet Products.

One of the ways mentioned in the article to stay green is to keep cats indoors. I’m sorry that we have to keep our cats outdoors, but we have an aged cocketiel, who is king of the house. Plus I am allergic to cats. The only reason we own cats is because someone else dumped them. I hate the fact that my cats occasionally kill birds, which is the main reason I never had a cat as a pet. I just couldn’t turn down their sad little faces.


Discarded Kitties

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More Fines for Tossing Butts

This time, it’s Grimsby, UK. I love this story in the Grimsby Telegraph. And here’s the best statement in the article,
“Anyone seen dropping litter or allowing their dog to foul in a public area should expect to receive a fixed penalty notice.” I’ve never heard the term “dog fouling.”

Meanwhile, back in the USA, Corinth, Miss. wages their war on tossing butts in this story from the Daily Journal. Plus, in Bastrop, La., more war (financed by Philip Morris) on butts is ignited. Come on, Nashville, let’s get a grant from Philip Morris and end our butts on the ground.

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Snakes in a Litter Bed

As the creek beds dry up, the litter piles up, and the snakes come out. Read this article from the Huntsville Times about littered creek beds. We want to know what kind of snakes are there. We love to go herping.

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The 11th Hour

This movie narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio opened today in New York and Los Angeles. Here are a couple of links: The New York Times Movie Review and Apple-Trailers-The 11th Hour.

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Living Litter

Unfortunately, some of the things tossed out are animals, the living litter. When we moved into our house 11 years ago, I heard animal noises during the night. The cries continued in the day time. Finally I located the sounds in the master bathroom under the jacuzzi tub. My husband opened one of the doors under the tub and yelled, “It’s full of cats.” Well, actually one kitten, mostly black without a tail. A neighbor brought a can of tuna to the starved animal, and we convinced one of the construction workers to take it. NoTail was returned to the neighborhood, was adopted by another family and still lives there. Here he is as he visited our cats. Earlier in this blog, an orange tabby was in a photo. That’s Tiger who adopted us years later, when we weren’t stressed out by moving and already had a cat named Christmas, who adopted us shortly after 9/11.


People who abandon animals make me mad. I view it as having no respect for our world. Just as I view trashing the streets.

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