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When Plastic is not Recyclable

What do you do with plastic bags that are not made of recyclable materials? Here are some suggestions from the morning newspaper (which is recyclable).

Of course, I read the news online.

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Los Angeles Says No Plastic Bags

This is great news from Los Angeles about plastic bags. I hope the momentum explodes.

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Please Clean Up After Yourselves

DecorativeStone_1924Whenever I mulch, plant flowers or seed the yard, I always hate cleaning up the mess of flower containers and plastic bags, which are left. But I always pick up the trash afterwards. Unfortunately, one of my neighbors did not clean up after adding all purpose stones to their landscaping.

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A Bass Guitar Made From Plastic Bags

plasticbagguitar_1490Only at the Nashville Earth Day Festival, held in the city’s Centennial Park (complete with its own Parthenon) would we find a bass guitar made from melted and molded plastic bags. This is the best usage I have seen of plastic bags yet.

It’s actually an art project by a Metro Nashville student for the Trash Art Contest.

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Paper or plastic? Oh, and 25 cents please!

Posted by: Nichola Groom

California, always seeking to be a trendsetter on environmental policy, is weighing a proposal to charge 25 cents for every paper or plastic bag distributed at grocery stores, pharmacies and convenience stores. The money raised would go into a state fund used to clean up trash and prevent litter related to what the bill calls “single-use” bags.

This is great news. California rocks! The 25¢ surcharge would help me remember to stash my reusable bags in the car.

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Plastic Bags Harm the Environment

Nothing makes me angrier than to find discarded plastic bags hanging from a tree. Here is the latest one I found.bluebag_13081

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Leaves Make Great Compost

leaves_11981Today I passed a couple of houses in the neighborhood that had bagged leaves out front. Putting leaves into plastic bags to go to a landfill isn’t a very good idea. Most times, our leaves are left on the ground to decay naturally. Sometimes, I’ll rake them but put them on flower beds. This year, I will leave some on the ground or I will put some into our compost pile. Leaves are great for composting.

This is nature’s way of recycling.

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