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Cool People Care | Saving the World, Five Minutes at a Time | Information, Inspiration

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Cool People Care | Saving the World, Five Minutes at a Time | Information, Inspiration

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Rolling in the Gutter

BlueBall_1581Tonight on my walk, this small blue ball rolled past me in the gutter. Luckily I was able to pick it up before it fell into the storm drain.

Since it was damaged, I’m sending it to the landfill unless someone can come up with a use for it.

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Full Bottles of Water

I found another full bottle of water yesterday as I was cycling through the neighborhood. This bottle was in a different neighborhood. I picked it up and fell off my bike, as I had only unclipped on pedal. Oh well, road rash is my life. The young tuli poplar in my yard is doing quite well on a diet of bottled water.

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More on Bottled Water

EcoSafeBottle_0643I’ve been waging a war on empty plastic water bottles tossed onto the streets for a few years now. Earlier this week, I noticed a full unopened plastic water bottle on my street. I did not pick it up as I thought a walker or runner might have placed it there intentionally. Since it was still there today, I picked it up, emptied the contents on a young tulip poplar in my yard and recycled the bottle.

I’ve also found full bottles of beer left behind on an abandoned lot. Those I emptied on the ground before I recycled the bottles. Now I know that beer is good for my compost pile. Next time I’ll dump the beeer there.

I would never drink an unopened bottle of anything that I find. Too risky for me.

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Food Inc.

Why I’m mostly vegetarian and eat the way I do: Food Inc.

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A Refreshing Start

This is great, but we still need to work to change behavior patterns:

House Passes Bill to Address Threat of Climate Change

Published: June 26, 2009

WASHINGTON — The House passed legislation on Friday intended to address global warming and transform the way the nation produces and uses energy.

The vote was the first time either house of Congress had approved a bill meant to curb the heat-trapping gases scientists have linked to climate change. The legislation, which passed despite deep divisions among Democrats, could lead to profound changes in many sectors of the economy, including electric power generation, agriculture, manufacturing and construction.

The bill’s passage, by 219 to 212, with 44 Democrats voting against it, also established a marker for the United States when international negotiations on a new climate change treaty begin later this year.

At the heart of the legislation is a cap-and-trade system that sets a limit on overall emissions of heat-trapping gases while allowing utilities, manufacturers and other emitters to trade pollution permits, or allowances, among themselves. The cap would grow tighter over the years, pushing up the price of emissions and presumably driving industry to find cleaner ways of making energy.

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Stay with Native Plants

BradfordPear_1580My neighborhood is around fifteen years old. When the builder (Fox Ridge) landscaped the homes, they planted Bradford Pear trees, which are not native to this area. Our Bradford Pear died within the first month we lived here. I asked the builder to replace it with a native tree, and I was told that I had to replace it with another Bradford Pear. I planted a maple tree.

For the past couple of years, the Bradford Pear trees have been splitting during wind storms. A few trees have split during calm moments. This one split across the street from us on Monday night during a storm. Now, the homeowners association is recommending native trees. Go figure.

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Stay Hydrated, but Do Not Litter

PlasticBottle_1013I first noticed it last summer during my daily walks: more plastic water bottles and soda cans on the residential streets in my suburban subdivision. These are not drive-by litter. I assume that the bottles and cans are being tossed in the street by out of school youth playing in the summer heat.

Growing up during the late 50s and 60s, I had to come inside for Kool-Aid or water from a glass. When I bought a soda from a gas station cooler, it was glass and returned for a deposit. I do not long for those days, but I am tired of picking up discarded water and soda bottles/cans in my neighborhood. Recycle them. Reuse them.

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Not Again: Storm Drains are not Trash Cans

During my after dinner walk last night, I found dumped charcoal briquettes in a storm drain on Settlers’ Way in my subdivision. I turned in the location to the president of the board of the homeowners association.

I do not like ice cubes in my water. Why would I want charcoal briquettes in it?

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