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When the Party's Over

Ball_1929This forsaken Christmas tree ball was sitting in a pile of leaves on the side of my street. After photographing it, I disposed of it properly.

When the party is over, please clean up the mess.

And Happy New Year! I promise to post regularly again in the new year. It’s a resolution.

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Ornaments from Reindeer Poop

I love this money making project by a zoo as reported in USA Today.

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Vanderbilt Recycles

This is great news to read about Vanderbilt bastketball from the morning Tennessean. And it is about time!

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What Is This?

GlueBin_1922I have no idea what type of litter this is. It seems to be packaging for a glue bin.

Go figure how it made its way to the Riverwalk greenway recently.

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Soft Taco Dinner Kit

DinnerKit_1923This trash was found in a field between Riverwalk and Lexington Point subdivisions in Bellevue, Tenn. The box is recyclable.

Did the box just jump out of someone’s trash can?

Probably not.

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Please Clean Up After Yourselves

DecorativeStone_1924Whenever I mulch, plant flowers or seed the yard, I always hate cleaning up the mess of flower containers and plastic bags, which are left. But I always pick up the trash afterwards. Unfortunately, one of my neighbors did not clean up after adding all purpose stones to their landscaping.

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Give Away Gently Used Toys

DeathLaser_1921NerfGun_1914Recently I read in the Wall Street Journal about the letters that were being sent to Santa Claus this Christmas by children affected by the recession. Some of these kids are asking for socks and shoes; others ask for jobs for their parents.

Then I see these toys left on the Riverwalk greenway. They have been there for several days. I do not know if they are still usable toys. Possibly these are broken. Please teach your children to take care of their toys. Do not leave them behind on the ground after playing with them. If the children have outgrown them, donate them to Goodwill or put them on for someone to take. Reusing is as important as recycling.

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Patio Umbrella

Umbrella_1916Recent high winds in our area blew this patio umbrella to rest at a spot on the Riverwalk Greenway.

It appears to be in perfect condition. Maybe the owner will come to get it.

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I Took a Second Look

Weiner_1903at this item I found in the street before I confirmed what it was — a weiner. If my late dog Neyland had been walking with me, I never would have noticed the hot dog in the street. I would have just seen Neyland swallowing something and licking his mouth.

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Is It Worth 50¢?

TornDollar_1901No, I learned when I took it to the bank. I let the bank keep it.

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