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Happy Halloween!

Tootsie_0663The day after Halloween I always find candy on the streets. I’m not sure if the tricksters drop it intentionally or not.

Hang on to your goodies, and have a great Halloween.

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Banana Peel Is Trash

Banana_1875I used to think that it was okay to toss organic garbage such as this banana peel on the ground, but it is considered littering.

Plus this banana peel is heading for the water supply.

Read what the Brits do to banana peel litterers.

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What Will Happen to the Census Forms?

Here is a story I read in the Washington Post the other day. Interesting and good news:

Census trash will benefit baby feds

What will the government do with the millions of 2010 Census questionnaires once it’s done counting them next year? Shred them, sell the recyclable scraps and then give the money to federal childcare facilities, according to Census Director Robert Groves.

Groves shared the details during an interview broadcast Monday on Federal News Radio.

The National Processing Center in Indiana shreds and bales the paper once Census Bureau computers have scanned the data on the paper questionnaires, according to the agency. The General Services Administration then sells the bales of paper to contractors. The proceeds go back to the Commerce Department, which by law must use the money for environmental or employee wellness programs, including its child care facilities.

Incidentally, the Government Printing Office prints the 600 million questionnaires on 30 percent recycled paper. The Census Bureau has already printed roughly 425 million questionnaires for mailing next Spring.

// By Ed O’Keefe  |  October 26, 2009; 7:40 PM ET

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2009 Great American Clean Up Stats

Here are the stats for the 2009 Great American Clean Up sponsored by Keep America Beautiful:

During the spring and summer of 2009, more than 3 million volunteers toiled for 5.2 million hours with the nonprofit Keep America Beautiful during the 2009 Great American Cleanup. It was an astounding 30,000 events across 32,000 locations:

§ 64 million pounds of litter and debris were removed from public lands and rights-of-way, including 95,000 acres of parks and public lands, nearly 9,000 miles of rivers, lakes and shorelines, over 10,000 acres of wetlands, and 7,800 miles of hiking, biking and nature trails

§ 4,750 illegal dumpsites were remediated.

§ More than 243 million plastic (PET) bottles were collected for recycling, many through school-based programs

§ More than 6.9 million pounds of electronics were collected for recycling

§ Volunteers kept 14.5 million pounds of aluminum and steel out of landfills through their collection efforts

§ 870,000 tires were collected for recycling.

§ 36 million pounds of newspaper were collected for recycling.

§ 2.3 million flowers and bulbs were planted

What would happen if 3 million volunteers didn’t have the tools and motivation to make their hometown a better place? What if they didn’t spend 5.2 million volunteer hours, sweat, grit and elbow grease? Would our communities magically flourish with a cleaner environment, civic pride and enhanced natural beauty?

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Out, Damn Plastic, Out

PlasticTrash_1872Plastic is my least favorite kind of trash to find in the environment. This piece of plastic has a paper towel keeping it company. Why?

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Is This a Doll Shoe?

DollShoe_1874This tiny item was noticed by me only because I had purchased some shoe inserts earlier in the day.

I found this item on the Riverwalk Greenway.

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Bottles of a Different Sort

Bottles_1870I assume that these bottles are from an alcoholic drink. I have no problem with that except that the consumer left them under a tree.

Pick ’em up, stupid. Try recycling them.

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