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Soft Taco Dinner Kit

DinnerKit_1923This trash was found in a field between Riverwalk and Lexington Point subdivisions in Bellevue, Tenn. The box is recyclable.

Did the box just jump out of someone’s trash can?

Probably not.

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Trash Pick up Day

Sitting here in our front office, I heard the trash truck headed this way. I looked out and neither of us had taken the trash can to the curb last night. I rushed out and put it there. All it contained was an empty bag of cat food.

Am I proud today!  Recycling and reusing lives!

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Am I a MAC or a PC?

I learned how to use a computer on a Mac and have always used a Mac until my layoff in November. Well, I still use a Mac at home. I’m inputting this blog on a G5 IMAC. But if I contract onsite or volunteer for an agency or political party, I am using a Dell. Don’t ask what kind of Dell. They are all the same to me. I’m an Apple addict.

I’m learning to be quite adroit on a Dell and am finally learning right click and left click, although I love my Apple rollerball.

Have I found anything I prefer to a MAC on the Dell? Unfortunately, yes, I have, and it got me wondering the question above: Am I a MAC or a PC?

The PC has a Recycling Bin; my MACs have always had trash cans.

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Why Leave Trash by an Empty Trash Can?

The person who left this cup by a trash can probably can’t park between the lines in a parking space either. I found this unamusing sight in our parking garage, level 5, tonight as I left work. After photographing the Wendy’s cup by the trash can, I dropped it into the almost empty container. I just hope that the person who left the drink wasn’t returning soon to retrieve it. NOT!


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