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Got Goat?

I knew that Keep Knoxville Beautiful planned to rid the city of kudzu. Here is a great story about the project.

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Gulf Oil Disaster

Tonight at 9 p.m. Central, National Geographic will air Gulf Oil Spill. I will watch. This event in our oceans makes me sick to my stomach. I do not think that our Earth will survive this tragedy.

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Those British!

Since I’m mostly unemployed and I pick up litter, I find this story in the Mirror intriguing. The new Tory government will make the unemployed pick up litter for their dole.

I would love to be paid to pick up litter because it is the right thing to do.

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No Trash Left Behind

I’m envious of this couple who only have trash about once a year.

“I mean, essentially you buy garbage. So when you’re paying your hard-earned dollars, why spend it on something you’ll have to throw away?” Naomi Mihilewicz

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Results of Paper Receipts Poll

A few weeks ago, readers of this blog were asked to vote about eliminating paper receipts. Here is the results of the poll. I’m all for eliminating paper in our lives.

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Recycle While Cleaning Up from the Flood

I have not posted anything since the horrible flood in my area on May 2. The company that picks up recyclable materials in my neighborhood sent me this notice this morning in my email:

YOU STILL WANT TO RECYCLE!—We heard from several of our customers whose homes were devastated by last week’s flood, and in the midst of the cleanup, you told us that you want to recycle!  EarthSavers can’t turn a blind eye to the images we saw, and so we are getting involved, and you who were spared can help.

WE HEARD YOU AND WE’RE COMING!—Starting Monday, May 10, EarthSavers will start running flood debris recycling routes in the worst hit residential areas, and we are coming to you, our clients, first!  Look for our trucks!  Tell your neighbors!  We probably can’t get to everybody, but we are coming to you, and we will help you be a good neighbor and collect from your neighbors too.

RECYCLING AT NO COST!—We will collect the following in two separate trucks to get materials to the processors as they need it separated, and there is no charge to you!

* Electronic/Computer Recycling Truck—We will take TVs, computers, stereos, games and even microwaves
* Carpet/pad Recycling Truck—We will take all padding and dry carpet

YOU ARE IN OUR PRAYERS!—Being a survivor of the 1998 East Nashville Tornadoes, my heart goes out to you and many prayers have been said on your behalf.

YOU WANT TO HELP? —Yes you can!  You got a strong back and eager to get your hands dirty?  Then we’ve got a job for you!  We need about 4 or 5 volunteers each day to run routes with us and help us get material into the trucks.  We will be working Monday through Friday this week from 7am to 5pm.  Email me at to get involved.  Type “VOLUNTEER” and add the day and time you can help to the subject line.  Include your contact email and phone number.  I’ll contact you.

Thanks to Earth Savers for providing this service at no cost.

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