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More Fines for Tossing Butts

This time, it’s Grimsby, UK. I love this story in the Grimsby Telegraph. And here’s the best statement in the article,
“Anyone seen dropping litter or allowing their dog to foul in a public area should expect to receive a fixed penalty notice.” I’ve never heard the term “dog fouling.”

Meanwhile, back in the USA, Corinth, Miss. wages their war on tossing butts in this story from the Daily Journal. Plus, in Bastrop, La., more war (financed by Philip Morris) on butts is ignited. Come on, Nashville, let’s get a grant from Philip Morris and end our butts on the ground.

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Interesting Link

Here’s an article, called Your Trash Says a Mouthful. We don’t go through others’ trash, but we do observe what people purchase at the grocery store.

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The Bus is Not a Trash Can

I made a bold step today. I used public transportation to go to and from work. Using public transportation took more of my time, which I passed on the bus by reading or listening to music. I was apprehensive about riding the bus, although it’s something I’ve considered for a couple of years. I drove to a Park and Ride station about 5.5 miles from home, then back home, but I drove less miles than a one way trip to work. I’ll do it again.

When there were only two passengers left on the bus, I took these pictures which dampened my experience.


The newspapers aren’t that bad, as another commuter may pick them up, but obviously no one did as the bus headed back to the terminal after dropping me at the Park and Ride. We just can’t get away from plastic bottles and McDonald’s bags. I don’t understand it.

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PlanetTrash Makes News

See the story in this morning’s The Tennessean, Bellevue edition.

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Snakes in a Litter Bed

As the creek beds dry up, the litter piles up, and the snakes come out. Read this article from the Huntsville Times about littered creek beds. We want to know what kind of snakes are there. We love to go herping.

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Bauble or Babel

Tonight, I walked around the neighborhood after dinner. I passed by this antenna helmet for the second day in a row. Picking it up, I turned it over and read Made In China, and an alarm went off in my head. Is it toxic? Is it dangerous?

I also thought of the people far away who made it, packaged it and brought it to the USA. Then all the folks in the USA who have touched it. I thought about how whatever we do touches another person whom we have never met. And that’s another reason not to litter.


P.S. I’m a graduate of Tennessee, too.

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More Trash


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War on Butts

The Twin Cities has a plan to rid their cities of cigarette butts, a big problem here in Tennessee. I was traveling on a slow moving Interstate one morning and noticed little white cylinders bouncing on the road. I realized that smokers were tossing their butts out the window.

According to the article in the Global Planet, only 10 percent of butts actually make it to a trash can or ashtray. Keep America Beautiful is bankrolled by Philip Morris. Please bring the program to Tennessee, where cigarette butts hit the ground more than rain.

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Singapore Sling

See the litter thrown on the street in Singapore. (Not for the modest, shy reader)

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Good News for People Who Love Good News

In Gail Kerr‘s column this morning in The Tennessean, I learned that a recycling pick up service will be tested soon in the suburbs. This is great news to us, as our suburban area was mentioned as a test site. There will be a cost to the service, according to the column, but it should be minimal. We drive our stuff to the recycling center, but we do it when we are going that way anyway.

I do have a question for Gail: can we recycle the plastic bags that protect The Tennessean? I know that they are there to keep the rain out, but we haven’t had any rain.

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