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What Do Tennesseans Think About Litter?

I’ve had this news for a while, but haven’t reported it. Recently the University of Memphis did a survey called, Public AttitudesToward Littering In Tennessee: May 19–June 5, 2008.

Who participated in the survey? 622 Tennesseans between the ages of 18-34. Hey,what about us older folks? Age discrimination!

Here are a few highlights that interested me:

  • Less than a third of the participants have littered.
  • Less than 10% litter regularly.
  • Less than 50% of the smokers say that they dispose of their cigarette butts properly.
  • Most of the participants believed that prisoners pick up litter. Ouch! I’ve done several litter pick ups this year, and I’ve never been incarcerated.
  • Just over 50% of those surveyed recycle.

The entire survey is available on line at

Please, when you see folks picking up litter, don’t assume it’s prisoners. It’s my fellow environmentalists and me.

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