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Those British!

Since I’m mostly unemployed and I pick up litter, I find this story in the Mirror intriguing. The new Tory government will make the unemployed pick up litter for their dole.

I would love to be paid to pick up litter because it is the right thing to do.

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Graffiti is Frustrating

Sunday morning after I fell, got up, put my shoe back on, wiped away the blood and continued my run in training for the Country Music Half Marathon, I saw some graffiti painted on a bridge in the Riverwalk subdivision. It read, F*** Pigs! A homeowner/board member was already painting over the obscenity. Families with small children were enjoying the nice day outside. “Why would someone do this?” I asked the man cleaning up the mess. “Frustration,” he replied.

Sure, we are all frustrated. My husband and I are still struggling to make a living while being unemployed. We are very frustrated at times.

I was frustrated that I had a bad fall during the first mile of my ten-mile training run. But I got back up and finished at least 8-9 miles of the run with a broken wrist and bleeding face.

Graffiti is littering and defacing public property. It is a crime. To me, that’s frustrating.

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