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How to Decrease Air Conditioner Efficiency

Back when I was showing all the fast food trash on Newsom Station Road, a reader accused me of staging the photographs because everything was so new looking. She said that “you ate it, threw it down and shot it.”

I’ve never staged any photo of found litter, including this one. I just happened to be walking through Riverwalk Subdivision, when this caught my eye. A newspaper flyer had floated by someone’s air conditioning system and was sucked into it.

I carry my digital camera almost everywhere. This is the consequence of working for a man who is a social media innovator.

One day I may see Yeti tossing a Bud Light can from a pick up truck. Or better yet, maybe Yeti will be photographed picking up litter along the road.

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No Morning Newspaper, Day One

I realized yesterday that morning that newspaper subscriptions aren’t like magazine subscriptions. If I no longer want a particular magazine, I just don’t pay the invoice and voila, no more magazine. Newspapers have to be stopped with a phone call. I couldn’t stop The Tennessean by ignoring the invoices. I couldn’t cancel it over the internet, although I could extend my subscription, change my subscription or stop it temporarily when I go on vacation.

I read The Tennessean online this morning in about the same time that I usually spent offline reading it. I miss the horoscope, Dilbert and the puzzles. But I never took the horoscope seriously, and Dilbert occasionally was too real. I bought a book of crossword puzzles recently to keep my mind active.

I’ve established an account with the Tennessean to blog, and if I read something online that stirs a reaction, I can quickly write a letter to the editor. The Tennessean will probably be hearing from me more frequently. This means that one of the oldest means of communication and one of the youngest baby boomers (I wish) meet in the brave new world of social media.

The worst thing about not reading a physical newspaper: I can’t sit in my comfy chair with my feet propped up.

The best thing about not reading a physical newspaper: I don’t have to collect them for a week and haul them to the overcrowded recycling center!

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