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More on the Retreat

Another speaker at our retreat yesterday was Shawn Bible, the Beautification Coordinator for TDOT, which spends $6 million of taxpayers’ money picking up litter off highways. And the streets are still a mess!

There is going to be a revival of the Adopt-A-Highway program. This is a program where a civic group adopts a couple of miles of highway to clean up three or four times a year.

Shawn spoke about how billboards are a multi-million dollar business and won’t go away. Tennesseans can also apply for grants to beautify highways in the Tennessee Roadscape Program.

Edith W. Heller, our state leader for Keep Tennessee Beautiful, spoke about how is the gold standard among states in the Keep America Beautiful program. Every county in Tennessee participated in the Great American Cleanup last year. No other state had every county participate. Over 25% of the citizens of Tennessee were part of a Great American Cleanup group, too.

From her talk, I learned that a group is working to reduce the amount of cigarette litter (butts) in downtown Nashville. The primary litterers are between 18-34 years old. This is a horrible statistic.

Overall, I’m very encouraged that much is being done with school programs to discourage children from becoming litterers.

Although this blog carps about the amount of litter I find, there are lots of groups who care and who are working to solve the problem. Unfortunately, I hate that my tax dollars are going to clean up someone else’s trash.

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