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Percy Priest Lake Is Full of Trash

The littered plight of Percy Priest Lake has been in the news this week. Another clean up is scheduled for September 13, but the problem is too large to be solved in a day.

Yesterday, my husband and I were walking at Radnor Lake, one of our favorite places to hike in Nashville. When I brought up the trash situation at Percy Priest Lake, John suggested that Percy Priest should become no access to gas-powered watercraft or campers to control the litter problem. Radnor Lake is treated like a sanctuary with no boating except ranger-sponsored canoe rides. There is no camping or picnicking. Dogs aren’t allowed on the trails around the lake, as deer and other wildlife are plentiful there. Yesterday, we saw an otter by the road and a doe and her fawn on the trail. I cradled a millipede and moved it off the roadway so that it wouldn’t be crushed by hikers, strollers or dogs.

For many years now, Percy Priest Lake has been geared toward recreational water sports, including boating, jet skiing, fishing, swimming and camping. It has become a trash dump. This is a hazard to wildlife and to us, as polluted water makes its way into our drinking water supply.

I suggest that every boater bring a bag or two of litter off the lake and its islands each time that they enjoy the water. Today, the Nashville Clean Water Project is taking responsibility for cleaning up the lake, but it’s the responsibility of each of us to do our part. The groups who want to protect their usage of the lake for water fun need to step up to clean the lake and to keep it clean.

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