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Plastic Continents on the Earth

plasticearth_0330.jpgWatching the Altered Oceans videos last night made me cry. We’ve progressed from birds, strangled in six-pack rings, to young birds dying from eating a diet of plastic floating in our oceans. What do we do about plastic? Plastic simplifies our lives. Did you give up plastic for Lent this year? No, I didn’t think you did.

I input type on a plastic keyboard linked to a desktop computer housed in plastic. I’m perched on an office chair with plastic molded arms. There is a plastic lampshade on the cheap 80s floor lamp in our home office. The shade is ugly. Should I toss it into the Harpeth River; let it flow into the Tennessee River into the Mississippi River into the Gulf of Mexico to join a plastic garbage patch in the oceans?

My cell phone is encased in plastic. I brush my teeth with a plastic toothbrush. Plastic bottles hold face cleanser, face moisturizer, body lotion. My eyeglasses contain plastic, even lightweight plastic lenses.

We buy orange juice and milk in large one-gallon plastic jugs. What will happen to the plastic casings on the analog TVs that we will soon discard?

Plastic plates on light switches and electrical plugs are in every room of our home. My cocketiel and cats eat from plastic dishes. Only the dog and the humans eat from glass dishes.

Many years ago for lunch, I heated some lasagna in a plastic Tupperware container in the microwave at work. I remember chewing some burned cheesy, noodle blob. I later was convinced that I had eaten a bit of plastic from the container because the sides were deformed by the heat. As a human, do I deserve to have a belly full of plastic like those young albatrosses in the video? Is there plastic somewhere in my digestive system? I’ve seen my dog eat a plastic frisbee.

The more I blog and learn about our Planet Trash with its Plastic Continents in the Oceans, the more I am convinced that we will destroy ourselves by our luxuries, our plastics.


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And God Gave Man Dominion Over the Earth?

We have ruined the Earth. Go to this site and view the two videos, Trashing our Oceans and The Plastic Diet.

What have we done? Is there anything we can do to reverse this tragedy?

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PlanetTrash Is Taking Back the Streets


In this case, it’s the Riverwalk Greenway. Since I enjoy walking, cycling and running on the 1.5-mile trail of the Riverwalk Greenway, I was appalled when I ran there recently and observed a large amount of litter.

Today, I walked the greenway with two paper grocery sacks and a camera. When I arrived, I saw the usual plastic soda bottles and cigarettes butts in the parking lot. I planned to collect one paper bag with trash and the other bag with recyclable plastic and aluminum. I picked up 21 plastic bottles and 8 aluminum cans. The trash bag contained building material wrappers, plastic bags, chip bags, granola bar wrappers and a Clorox bottle that had been chewed and scratched at by a wild animal (above). Much of the trash was too large or too difficult for me to collect alone.


As those of you who read this blog regularly know, the sight in nature that makes me the maddest is a plastic bag hanging from a tree (above). I tried to remove this bag with some fallen branches, but the bag was too high for me to reach. During my run by there earlier in the week, I saw a green heron and numerous other birds. Plastic of any kind can be fatal to a bird when it gets trapped in it.

As I continued to walk, I saw lots of building material trash, as many homes are still being constructed along the Riverwalk Greenway. Why do construction companies allow their employees to litter? I believe that they should be held accountable for the garbage and biohazards they leave behind. Home builders should be required to leave a clean environment. One large piece of trash had a warning printed on it about some hazard to eyes. Did I mention that many families and their pets were walking the greenway this morning?


I’ve cycled, walked or run on this greenway since it was completed, and I’ve observed a bizarre “trash,” or “art,” (above) get more complex over the years. Today, I examined it closely for the first time. There is a hammock-type construction in the middle and at the top. At the bottom, is a fireplace, although it never has been used. I found sticks and plastic bottles in the circle of rocks. Hesitantly I removed the plastic bottles and was relieved not to find something worse.

Next month, the Great American Clean-Up begins. One Riverwalk resident exclaimed “thank you” from her balcony as she realized that I was picking up garbage. When I approached her, I discovered that Chris and her husband Joe are new residents, who have been regularly picking up trash along the greenway. They will be joining in, and continuing, the Great American Clean-Up.
Please get involved. Pick up one piece of litter you see each day.

Go here to view more pictures of the trash on the Riverwalk Greenway.

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Fun New Kids Car Game

If you’re on a short trip and don’t have the DVD player showing Shriek for the fifteen time in the minivan, have the children count how many plastic bags they find hanging from trees. This morning, while driving into work and listening to the Nano, I counted 27 plastic bags hanging from trees. That’s almost 2 plastic bags per mile.

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Credit Cards

I have credit cards; you have credit cards; we all have credit cards. But we don’t like credit cards and use them only in emergencies. It’s not that we hate them because they are plastic; it’s because we abuse them in our “we want it now” society.

We are disgusted, though, by the number of solicitations we receive in the mail that include a fake plastic credit card. We can recycle the paper, but the fake plastic cards are a major nuisance, only something to add to a landfill. American Express seems to be the worst offender, although VISA runs closely behind. Write these companies and tell them to stop the waste. These are just the fake cards we received in one week:


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