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More on Bottled Water

EcoSafeBottle_0643I’ve been waging a war on empty plastic water bottles tossed onto the streets for a few years now. Earlier this week, I noticed a full unopened plastic water bottle on my street. I did not pick it up as I thought a walker or runner might have placed it there intentionally. Since it was still there today, I picked it up, emptied the contents on a young tulip poplar in my yard and recycled the bottle.

I’ve also found full bottles of beer left behind on an abandoned lot. Those I emptied on the ground before I recycled the bottles. Now I know that beer is good for my compost pile. Next time I’ll dump the beeer there.

I would never drink an unopened bottle of anything that I find. Too risky for me.

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Stay Hydrated, but Do Not Litter

PlasticBottle_1013I first noticed it last summer during my daily walks: more plastic water bottles and soda cans on the residential streets in my suburban subdivision. These are not drive-by litter. I assume that the bottles and cans are being tossed in the street by out of school youth playing in the summer heat.

Growing up during the late 50s and 60s, I had to come inside for Kool-Aid or water from a glass. When I bought a soda from a gas station cooler, it was glass and returned for a deposit. I do not long for those days, but I am tired of picking up discarded water and soda bottles/cans in my neighborhood. Recycle them. Reuse them.

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Neighborhood Trash

This morning, I ran through the Boone Trace, Lexington Point and Riverwalk neighborhoods. In Riverwalk, I picked up a half full Coca-Cola can and a Camelot water bottle off the roadside.

I ran home with one in each hand. I do this a lot when I walk or run through the neighborhoods. And I do this daily.

I poured out the Coca-Cola immediately, but kept the water and poured it on my compost pile. Both the can and plastic bottle have gone into my recycling bin.

Construction workers in Riverwalk leave behind a lot of trash, but these items were nowhere around any construction area. I think residents dropped them. Why do people litter? Especially in their own neighborhood?

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