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Bag O' Trash

bagotrash_1197Sunday afternoon, I walked for about an hour. For 15-20 minutes of that hour, I picked up cans and plastic bottles along Newsom Station Road. I also picked up a CD. Here’s my bag of 13 cans and 9 plastic bottles.

Recently I was contacted by the Bucket of Trash movement. Their goal is to pick up one bucket of litter each week. What a great idea if all of us did this! Their idea of picking up buckets of trash is much better than my plastic bag o’ trash.

If you have 15 minutes to spare this week, go out in your neighborhood or outside your office at lunch time, and pick up a bucket, or bag, of trash.


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Neighborhood Trash

This summer, during my evening walks or morning runs, I picked up plastic bottles, aluminum cans or glass bottles that I found on the streets in the subdivisions of Boone Trace, Lexington Point and Riverwalk.

Since this is the last day of August, and I started this project in early June, here are the stats:

Plastic bottles: 66

Aluminum cans: 25

Glass bottles: 2

While I have no proof, I think most of these were left behind by homeowners and their children playing outside. One day, I picked up about nine plastic bottles on the soccer field in Lexington Point. Teens gathered there eyed me suspiciously. There was an empty trash can on the field next to the swing set. I photographed the plastic bottle above in front of a Boone Trace resident’s home yesterday.

When I run in the mornings, and now that school has started, I find lots of plastic bottles left where the children catch the bus.

I hope I’m noticed picking up my neighbor’s litter. I’m sure those who see me running with empty water bottles think that they are mine. I ran home last Thursday with an empty beer bottle which I found in a yard on Boone Trace. No, it wasn’t mine.

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15-Minutes of Trash

This morning, I decided to clean up some of the roadside litter on Newsom Station Road. The Metro Drug Court is supposed to send out those required to do community service to do this, but I wanted to do my part as a board member of the Beautification Environment Commission.

I recycled a hotel laundry bag (at left) to pick up litter. In less than 15 minutes, I had filled the bag with 12 aluminum cans, 10 plastic bottle, one glass beer bottle, a watch, a kitchen sponge, a beautification work glove, cigarette packages and other fast food and paper litter. I probably cleared less than 1/10 of a mile. I guess that the bag weighed about ten pounds.

Neither could I pick up every piece of litter along the way. Newsom Station Road is still filled with litter.

I don’t do this because I enjoy it. I’d rather be hiking along the greenway or riding my bicycle. I do it because I find litter offensive in my beautiful corner of the world.

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The Downside of Travel

One thing I don’t like about traveling is that I use more plastic products that I would at home. I drink bottled water as we hike a lot. I always take the empty plastic bottles to a recycling area or put them into a trash can if no other arrangements can be made. I don’t use my Sigg water bottle because I can’t carry enough water in it for a day hike.
I also use the hotel plastic bags for dirty laundry. Of course, once I’m home, I use the bags for trash and dispose of them properly.
We still keep the place we are visiting as pristine as we found it or better. Using bad products as plastic bottled water is no excuse for littering.

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At the Albuquerque Zoological Park

Most of the areas between the public viewing and the animal exhibits were filled with plastic bottles or soft drink cups. This is inexcuseable as the park offered plastic recycling containers everywhere. If not, the trash cans were located throughout the park.

It’s a very nice zoo. It’s a shame that humans can’t dispose of their waste properly. Zoos need to spend their resources on the animals and their keepers. Keepers stay extremely busy and shouldn’t have to clean human junk out of the exhibits.

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Too Much Plastic Bottle Trash

During my short walk this morning, I picked up 9 plastic bottles in the Boone Trace and Lexington Point subdivisions. Most of the plastic bottles were on the Lexington Point playground. The trash can at the playground was virtually empty.

If you can’t recycle (and there is no reason why we can’t), please put the plastic bottles in a trash can. Plastic bottles left on the streets eventually wash into the storm drains which wash into the rivers which wash into the oceans that push the plastic into the Great Pacific Garbage Patch vortex. (Sorry for repeating this warning on my blog.) No one seems to get the message.

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Construction Trash

I’ve shown pictures of trash and garbage at construction sites many times on this blog. I found this trash interesting at the abandoned (?) Travis Trace site. The water pipes were filled with boxes, clothing and a cooler.

I’m continuing my pick up of plastic bottles when I walk or run. Tonight, I picked up three off the streets of the Riverwalk and Lexington Point subdivisions. I’ll total the number of bottles I pick up at the end of the summer. Now this isn’t an organized clean up. I just do a walk and pick up as many plastic bottles as I can carry. And these aren’t my bottles.

Please, let’s keep plastic out of the waterways.

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