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Rain Gardens at MTSU

Being green has been happening at MTSU for the over 30 years when students started recycling newspapers in the 70s to today. One of their projects is rain gardens, which help clean the water naturally before it returns to the streams. Here is a useful post on how to build a rain garden.

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Newspaper Mush

mushypaper_1608This is what happens when the weekly shopper produced by the Tennessean is left in a driveway, then rained on and driven over a few times. No one wants these. Since it is too expensive to send in the mail (which used to happen), the newspapers are left in driveways. I pick up quite a few of them which have been abandoned each week.

Sometimes, the newspapers walk to road or storm drains. I try to recycle them before the enter the water stream.

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New York Times or the Onion: Can You Tell the Difference?

This article entitled It Sure Doesn’t Look Like the Onion from the New York Times takes offense that their beloved newspaper is shown in the poster. Littering is a problem because the newspapers can cause fires on the subway tracks.


I’m offended that the subhead tells readers to put the discarded paper in the trash can, rather than recycling it.

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