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Thanks, Leslie Eats

Leslie Eats had some nice things to say about The Earth is Not a Trash Can today on

As I (Leslie Eats) mentioned before, I’m from Memphis. While I was growing up in the 70s and 80s, there was this organization (that’s still going strong) called Memphis City Beautiful that did lots of public outreach and education–particularly through schools–about litter. I specifically remember that calling someone a “litterbug” was right up there with “butthole” on the list of worst elementary school insults. But it seems that a lot of people just didn’t get the same message. I live on a corner where there’s a stop sign and pretty much have to pick up trash on a daily basis. What went wrong in these people’s lives that made them think it’s okay to throw your garbage out a window? I’m going to assume it’s just a matter of education rather than just willful disregard for our planet (and property owners).

Leslie, great comments about litterers! Litterbug=Butthole.

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