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Day Eight: Gas Crisis in Nashville

Although I could have put another 50 miles on the tank of gas I had in the Mini, I stopped by Costco today to purchase gasoline for the first time since September 14. Luckily, Costco now had a supply of premium. Most stations in Nashville are getting a regular supply of octane 87, but only a few are getting premium. One of the local TV stations announced tonight, “That the crisis is probably over.”

Check this out. By driving under the speed limit, I got 42 mpg in my Mini during the gas crisis:

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MPG for a MiniCooper

PlanetTrash bought a new car a few weeks ago. Of course, it’s used, but only had around 14,000 miles on it. It is more fuel efficient. We got an average of 36.15 miles per gallon on the first tank of gas. We drove two additional days before refueling. It’s not a hybrid, so while idling at a stoplight, it’s wasting fuel. Otherwise, it’s great.


Tiger likes the new car for relaxing after mousing all day. He is our pesticide-free pest control.

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