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The Mad Bag Lady of Rodd Point

I love this story from the Sydney Morning Herald about Kylie Davis, one woman bagging one bag of litter a day.

“Plastic bags had wrapped themselves around the mangroves, chip packets floated across the rocks, and the tide brought in literally hundreds of plastic water and soft drink bottles. The little beaches with their sandstone outcrops were full of bottle tops, ice-cream wrappers, milk containers, fishing line and all manner of disgusting things.

“The picnic ground had its barbecues regularly cleaned by the council, and the bins emptied, but the rubbish spread by inquisitive birds or senseless party goers was left across the field. Our puppy did what all puppies do: she promptly started to eat everything.”

“This is unbearable,” I told my husband, Mark. “I cannot walk here every day and just think about what a disgrace it is.”

“And I remembered a girl I once travelled with on a cycling tour of Tasmania. She stuffed her pockets full of plastic bags and each time she saw roadside rubbish, she stopped her bike and filled up her bag.”

“I can’t fix it all. But I can leave it better than I found it,” was her motto.

Let’s all adopt that motto. I’ll remember it when I’m overwhelmed about the amount of litter in my neighborhood. Thanks, Kylie!

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