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Shredding Day in Williamson County

All readers in Williamson County have an excellent opportunity to get rid of papers with personally identifiable information on April 24. Here are the facts from Keep Williamson Beautiful:

Keep Williamson Beautiful wants to help you keep your identity safe by providing a free shredding service to Williamson County Residents. Bring any personal documents you have that can be used for identity theft.

Please bring documents in paper bags or cardboard boxes that can be recycled. The large shredders at the recycle facility will shred important documents and recycle all of the resulting materials. Please help speed the process by bringing  paper unbound, each bundle no larger than one inch thick; thicker bundles jam the shredded. Please remove heavy clips/clamps. Paper clips and staples are acceptable.

Items included are:

* Canceled checks
* IRS forms
* Insurance papers
* Investment statements
* Paycheck stubs.

Papers that do not contain a personal identification number will NOT be accepted such as newspaper, magazines and photos
No Commercial Documents Accepted

Saturday, April 24, 2010

8:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Shredding & Collection Location:

420 Century Court, Franklin

(Century Court is located off Columbia Avenue, the second stop light
north of Mack Hatcher Bypass).

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News from the City of Franklin (TN)

On Nov. 21st from 8 am-2 pm, Century Court will be a busy location, holding events that will help residents properly disposal of several items. The City of Franklin will be holding a BOPAE collection (Batteries, Oil, Paint, Anti-freeze and Electronics), KWB will hold a Shred Day, and there will also be a Medicine Collection by Williamson County Sheriff Dept. Please visit for details about these collections.

These are all wastes to keep out of landfills and our water supply. If you live in the area, stop by.

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