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Chewing Gum

Chiclets_1050We have all stepped in at one time or another. My feet were drawn to it when I was a child – especially if I had on new shoes. Now the Brits have a solution in the fight against chewing gum litter:

Chewing gum litter go down by 87%

Date published: 20/11/2009

A campaign warning chewers of gum they risk a litter fine if they don’t put their used gum in the bin has seen a huge drop in gum litter in the Rochdale borough. Since the campaign’s launch at the start of this October, a Keep Britain Tidy survey has revealed gum litter in the borough has gone down by 87% overall.

As part of a national study being carried out by Keep Britain Tidy’s Chewing Gum Action Group, Rochdale Borough Council selected 10 high-footfall areas across the borough to carry out a survey to measure reductions in gum litter at the end of the campaign at the beginning of November.

Councillor Greg Couzens, cabinet member for finance, enthused: “What a brilliant result! It’s great timing in the run up to Christmas as we welcome people into our town centres to do their Christmas shopping. Cleanliness of shopping centres is such an important factor as people judge an area based on its appearance and cleanliness. Seeing lots of chewing gum on the floor runs places down, so I’m encouraged by these fantastic results.”

Throughout the campaign, council street cleaning teams wore high visibility jackets with the message ‘don’t drop gum, it’s litter’, whilst high profile gum litter adverting across the borough’s town centres, buses and telephone boxes told chewers that irresponsibly disposed of gum is litter and they could be landed with a litter fine if caught dropping it. This follows an earlier Chewing Gum Action Group study which showed many gum chewers simply don’t associate dropping gum as litter.

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Watch Those Ford Drivers in the UK

This is interesting news from News:

London, October 5 (ANI): People behind the wheels of Ford are most likely to throw litter from their vehicles in the UK, suggests a survey.

Keep Britain Tidy found over 1,000 instances of people, especially those in the South East, creating litter from a Ford followed by just over 300 sightings from a BMW.

Phil Barton, Chief Executive of Keep Britain Tidy, thinks that littering from a car should be treated as a motoring offence.

“Car littering is disgusting, detrimental to the environment and dangerous,” the Telegraph quoted him as saying.

“Through campaigning on this issue, we now have information that is valuable and important to our goal of influencing the law makers and the manufacturers to make a positive change towards ending this problem,” he added. (ANI)

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Rare photograph found of Abba picking litter

A rare photograph of Abba has been found showing one of the most famous bands in history picking up litter.

By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent
Last Updated: 5:14PM GMT 23 Dec 2008

1976 anti-litter poster, featuring Swedish super-group ABBA, has been unearthed by Keep Britain Tidy.

1976 anti-litter poster, featuring Swedish super-group ABBA, has been unearthed by Keep Britain Tidy. Photo: KEEP BRITAIN TIDY

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