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Rock Environmentalist


I love the music of Adrian Belew (who lives in the Nashville area). I saw him a couple of years ago at the Exit In, a great music club in Nashville where I spent most of my 20s.

Here’s one of my favorite songs by Adrian Belew:

Burned By The Fire We Make

And when Man gained dominion
over land and the oceans
he began to harm the planet
with his asphalt and his toxins
and to lay the forest bare
and to poison even the air
and he killed every beast
and taught the seas how to bleed
Burned by the fire we make,
what a shame
Then the winds gave in
and the rain knew no season
and the sun came to beat
on a land of sand and diseases
and when God looked down
on the earth and saw it was broken
then the tears of God fell down
through a hole in the ozone
Burned by the fire we make
what a shame
This is the nature of the human race
to kill off anything that gets in our way
poor Mother Earth we disfigured her face
Man is the maker of his own disgrace
Burned by the fire we make
what a shame

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The 11th Hour and 59th Minute and 59th Second….

We saw the movie, and one line that haunts me from the documentary says that earth will survive, but mankind will not. We can change the course only when being green becomes profitable. Our goal, and it’s a hard one, is to use less.

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The 11th Hour Comes to Nashville

Belcourt Theatre is showing the 11th Hour this weekend. We will definitely see it and report back to you.

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The Bus is Not a Trash Can

I made a bold step today. I used public transportation to go to and from work. Using public transportation took more of my time, which I passed on the bus by reading or listening to music. I was apprehensive about riding the bus, although it’s something I’ve considered for a couple of years. I drove to a Park and Ride station about 5.5 miles from home, then back home, but I drove less miles than a one way trip to work. I’ll do it again.

When there were only two passengers left on the bus, I took these pictures which dampened my experience.


The newspapers aren’t that bad, as another commuter may pick them up, but obviously no one did as the bus headed back to the terminal after dropping me at the Park and Ride. We just can’t get away from plastic bottles and McDonald’s bags. I don’t understand it.

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Global Warming Sunset

I took this photo a few days ago, when the sky was particularly hazy from the heat and lack of rain. We continue to have temps in the 100s here in Tennessee. My friends in Minnesota are losing their homes to flooding. None of this is not normal.


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The 11th Hour

This movie narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio opened today in New York and Los Angeles. Here are a couple of links: The New York Times Movie Review and Apple-Trailers-The 11th Hour.

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“Like Trees in November”


We’re in the middle of very hot weather, as is much of the country. I’ve never seen it this hot for so long. A gray haze settled over our county today. As I drove home, I suffered a panic attack because of the grayness. I was reminded of a chapter in Watership Down, by Richard Adams. The rabbits are searching for a new warren because theirs was destroyed by a new subdivision. They come upon a place, where the rabbits are well fed and watered by the man with the burning white sticks. The rabbits in the den invite the travelers to join. Some of the rabbits, notably Fiver, notice that the entire area smells of rabbits or the man with the smoking white sticks. Although the rabbits in the warren are well fed and content, there are not as many of them as Fiver would expect. Fiver describes them as “like trees in November.” They carry the food which the man generously gives them as dogs fetch sticks.

When I traveled through the gray haze, I realized that we are like those rabbits in the den that Fiver hated so much. We drive our cars, cool our homes and use our natural resources like it was November and the year is drawing to an end. We don’t change our ways; we just accept it. We need to recognize the fact that global warming is upon us. When I reached home, I took a walk and noticed that the trees in August were “like trees in November.”

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