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The State Of Garbage In America

BioCycle December 2008, Vol. 49, No. 12, p. 22

Latest national data on municipal solid waste management — 29 percent recycled and composted, 7 percent combusted via waste-to-energy and 64 percent landfilled. (A joint study by BioCycle and theEarth Engineering Center of Columbia University)

Ljupka Arsova, Rob van Haaren, Nora Goldstein, Scott M. Kaufman and Nickolas J. Themelis

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RR Waste Solutions: Not

This morning I was driving east on Charlotte Pike. Trash was raining down on the car in front of me and my car. When the car in front of me stopped, I saw a mechanical arm pick up a residential trash can and attempt to dump its contents into a white truck. Most of the garbage went into the truck, but several pieces flew through the air toward our cars. Intrigued by this inefficient method of emptying trash cans, I noticed the Red River Service Corporation on the side of the truck.


I copied this image off their home page and wrote a description of what I saw. And in the PlanetTrash tradition, I’ll contact them and Metro Nashville Public Works.

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Fast Food Trash

We have more pictures of fast food packaging. Today, we spotlight Burger King and Dunkin’ Donuts.


Not much Burger King and Dunkin’ Donuts garbage was found on our walk. Their customers must be better stewards of the earth than Krystal or McDonalds, whose trash definitely leads the pack.

P.S. When we imbibed fast food, Burger King was our favorite. We quit eating Whoopers, before we quit eating meat, because of the large amount of mayonnaise on the sandwich. We’ll eat an occasional Dunkin’ Donut, if someone puts it in front of us. But we don’t litter.

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