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I Took a Second Look

Weiner_1903at this item I found in the street before I confirmed what it was — a weiner. If my late dog Neyland had been walking with me, I never would have noticed the hot dog in the street. I would have just seen Neyland swallowing something and licking his mouth.

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Is Food Trash?

Food is bad as trash because wild animals can become dependent upon it. I feed the birds in my yard with seed, water and nectar for the hummingbirds. I’ve tossed out apple cores because I know that mockingbirds love them. Is this right? Am I littering?

I wasn’t particularly happy about the remnants of this hot wing I found in my neighborhood. I know that scavengers as possums or meat eaters as coyotes will clean it up. But I don’t want to encourage possums and coyotes any closer to my house than they already are.

Do possums like hot wings? Would a coyote go into Prince’s Hot Chicken and order the extra hot?

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