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Composting My Garbage

While I have always recycled and been frugal with my resources, I have become more so as I get older. I tried composting for the first time last summer in an open pit area in the backyard, but the food stuffs didn’t “compost”. They just sat there. Recently I learned that the Public Works Department of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County sells composters at cost to individuals. To schools and other non-profit groups, the composters are free.

I purchased one on Tuesday, but haven’t put it together yet. I bought a 60-gallon composter, made of recycled plastic, and a thermometer for $50. That’s not a bad deal considering that most of the ones I saw for purchase on the internet were a few hundred dollars. If the rain, snow and/or ice abates this weekend, I plan to set it up in our backyard. I’m saving my foodstuffs and lint, plus a co-worker will bring me five gallons of horse manure to get me started. The latter caused my husband a little shock.

If you live in the Nashville, Tennessee area (you don’t have to live in Davidson County), here is the link to purchase a composter. I’m excited that I can put my dryer lint and dog hair in the composter. That reduces my trash output to the landfill. I can also add cardboard toilet paper rollers, which will reduce what I take to the recycling center.

Composting has been one thing I have undertaken during the Great American Clean Up.

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