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Dogs Don’t Litter

I love this letter from the How true!

Wednesday, 13th October 2010

Why no dogs when humans litter more?

Anthea Peschel, Sliema

I get so confused when I go to places like parks and gardens or even beaches. The signs say “No dogs” and I ask why! Why do people complain so about animals?

They should actually say “no humans” as I see more human litter and rubbish in these parks, gardens and beaches, actually everywhere. Why shouldn’t dogs be allowed to have a nice walk or swim with their owners? Their waste could easily be picked up but human litter isn’t.

This weekend my partner and I went for a walk in a local park and all we could see was unwanted shoes, fans, bottles and a mattress hidden behind a tree. So I ask: Why are dogs not allowed in and why are humans allowed to litter? It makes no sense at all.

Another disgrace was in Delimara next to the beach: a whole carpet of plastic and broken glass bottles and unwanted rubbish such as car tyres and seats. Which will all be dragged into the sea in the rough weather. So this is all allowed but dogs are not allowed in parks! Ridiculous, if I may say.

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